Saturday, 13 May 2017


You Stare Vacantly Into The Distance
Hiding Memories Sprawled
Wide Across The Vast Expanse Of Your Thoughts
Concealing Promises Scrawled
Deep Into The Abyss Of Your Soul

You Stare Vacantly Into The Distance
As Your Mind Ignites
Doubts, Dilemmas, Apprehensions And Qualms
But Sullenly Fights
Slays And Buries Them In Recesses Dark And Obscure

You Stare Vacantly Into The Distance
As Your Lips Quiver
Trying Hard Not To Betray Secret Pacts Made With Your Heart
And Your Eyes Moisten
Fighting Back A Barrage Of Emotions, A Wave Of Anxiety, And An Ocean.

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Heartfelt gratitude to Jyotsna 'Moonlight' Gandhi for allowing me to use her image with this poem. Jyotsna is a Faridabad-based poet and author. She has written a motivational book titled 'You Step One He Steps Thousands'. Jyotsna has graduated with a degree in Philosophy and a Masters Degree in Sociology. She is also involved in social service and is the mother of a 7-year old boy. Her Instagram URL is

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  1. Behold
    brilliance... beauty
    Breathtakingly bright

    Eager eyes
    entomb eternal emancipation

    Hush hush hope hankers

    She shines shimmers salvation


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