Saturday, 23 April 2016


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She heard the voice again.

Janice sprang off the bed and curled herself behind it, hoping to stay out of sight. Her heart was pounding heavily. It was a bone-chilling cold December night, and yet she could feel huge beads of sweat roll down her face. She was shaking and tears began to stream down her face, but she was careful not to make a sound. She began to pray in the hope of some sort of divine intervention.

And then she heard that voice again.

"I'm sure you have room for two...can I live with you?"

This was the twentieth time Janice had heard this question since the time she had moved into the room that afternoon. But she didn't respond.

Janice had only recently enrolled into the local university. Although the university had its own hostel, she was not open to the idea of spending her nights in a crowded dormitory. She had been lucky enough to find this room, that too at dirt cheap rates. She had overheard rumours about the room being spooky and previous inhabitants behaving a little crazy, but the prospect of assured privacy had been too hard to resist. She was now beginning to rue her decision. But she was determined to survive he night and move out the first thing in the morning.

The invisible entity, seemingly feminine persisted, "I'm sure you have room for two...can I live with you?"

"Why?", Janice mustered up some courage, although she was still unable to see where the voice was coming from.

"I'm lonely."


The entity asked again, "I'm sure you have room for two...can I live with you?"

"OKAY!", Janice retorted, almost as if out of irritation, or probably in the hope that the entity would let her be if she gave in to her request.

The Spirit then possessed her body. Janice had now lost all control.

But she distinctly heard herself say, "Thank you Janice!", and let out a sinister laugh.

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  1. Good attempt, although predictable.
    But liked the way you wrote this. :)

    1. Appreciate the honest feedback :)

      Do come back for the other posts


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