Sunday, 14 February 2010


The Jungle could be a jungle from anywhere. It was typical. It had a variety of animals, lots of trees, and a pond from which all creatures drank.

The Lion, who was the King of the Jungle let everyone do as they pleased.

The Langurs were the real "Kings". They always moved around in groups, spreading chaos, and basically being what all langurs tried hard to be, a real pain.

Some Storks, Cranes, Ducks, and other birds went close to the pond to have a drink. A few Crocs, laying low in the shallow water, close to the marshes, waiting for prey, took advantage of the situation, snapped at them and crushed many of them with their mighty jaws. Atleast 20 birds died.

The Langurs sitting on top of the trees on the marshes saw what had happened. Being who they were, they were upset that another menace was hogging their limelight. So they passed a dictum saying that no one in the jungle should ever venture near the pond, and that no one from the pond should ever be allowed to step on forest land.

The Langurs kept a watch. Turtles and frogs were turned away, some were pelted with stones, while an unlucky few were killed.

King Kong, even though he was an ape himself, was quite rational and reasonable. He felt that it was unfair for all the other creatures of the pond to be discriminated against, simply because a few crocs were a nuisance. He wanted all creatures to be allowed to move around as they liked, as the Lion King had wanted, since they were all part of the ecology of the region.

This angered the Langurs. They decided that King Kong would not be allowed to eat of any fruit in the Jungle. They issued another dictum, that the birds should stop King Kong from eating any fruit, and if he did, they should drive him away, or report the matter.

The Langurs said that King Kong would not be allowed to eat, unless he APOLOGISED to the poor, hapless, victimised birds, and for HURTING their SENTIMENTS.

Ironically, all those poor, hapless, victimised birds who entertained King Kong were victimised by the Langurs themselves. They disturbed their nests, dropped their eggs, and broke the branches of the trees they lived in.

But they didn't care to apologise for their own actions. There was no regret or remorse.

But the Birds still support King Kong.
The public is with King Khan.

Down with the Langurs!!!

P.S. - Sorry all ye SRK fans, I really do think he acts like a Monkey :P.
To the Langurs in the story - No Apologies.
To the real langurs in the Animal kingdom - I'm REALLY Sorry for the Insult!


  1. Do I love this post or what?Lmao excellent analogy and well-written as usual.
    SRK n Kjo should stop it with their limelight-hogging acts already and do something for real-like maybe act without any hamming or start filming movies in India >_<
    And yes the real langurs would no doubt feel insulted. xD
    Good one!

  2. WOW!!! This was neat, really neat..
    You write well, I accept! :)

  3. hehe...gud one.. as alwayz it is :) what an idea sirjee ;)

  4. LOL man! Agree with everything! The idea of the story, as well as the opinion about King Kong!

    The only time he does not act like a monkey is when he acts with Kajol. I guess thats because Kajol isn't blonde eh? ;)

  5. hahaha
    nice post
    and in the end
    srk has been used in this post and he is my fav. actor but ur post has made me laugh so it rocked
    Keep blogging

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  7. Another Out-of-box consignment..I liked the idea of Langurs being the king of the jungle and Lions are the humble ones..I am imagining the situation, if it happens in our country. How exciting would be our law books then :P

  8. haa haa.. good one. visiting u after a long time. was a g8 pleasure reading this one. very nice post:)

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