Thursday, 28 January 2010


Sly paddled his arms and legs as fast as he could. The piercing pain in his abdomen had now been replaced by a stiff numbness. He somehow felt he still had a chance to save himself, if only he could find a way to get out of the water. The nearest surface right now was the bottom of the river he was in, the second- nearest surface was just a few metres ahead of him, but it was a good 50 feet above the river-level. He had fallen off a cliff.

Up on the edge of the cliff, Curt watched him struggle. He tried hard to think, but nothing came to his mind. It was almost as if he was too shocked to react. Beads of sweat nestled between the ridges of his anxious forehead, threatening to avalanche down any moment. Sly was still alive - there was still some hope. He had to do something - real quick.

Finally gathering himself, he ran to the SUV, and pulled a long rope and a spare tyre from the bonnet. He quickly began tying the rope to the tyre, to create a make-shift float. Even from here he could still hear the water splashing below - a sign of life. Within a few seconds he was ready with his lifeline, and he quickly made it back to the spot.

"Hold onto this!!!", he shouted out, hoping that Sly had heard him, and he dropped the lifeline into the river below. He felt something tug at the rope - Sly had found it. The next moment, the tension on the rope was 10-times, or maybe 30-times - he couldn't tell. All he knew was that he had to pull it up with all his might. And he pulled.

Three minutes of pulling, and Sly was on the cliff again. He lay on the ground, tired, and breathing heavily. His abdomen was bleeding, and his guts were beginning to spill out. But he still had hope - he was still breathing.

So Curt pulled out his pistol and shot him again, this time in the head, just to make sure he wouldn't survive.

The now-brainless body lay motionless after a few jerks. Curt stood above it, with his eyes closed and arms stretched out, waiting for the feeling of retribution to overcome him.

But nothing happened.

When he opened his eyes a minute later, he saw Sly's spirit emerge from the heap of flesh, blood and gooey stuff, and stare at him. It grinned at him, as if promising to get back. And then, it flew out into the woods.

Curt, stood right there, confused. He wasn't the least scared. He started thinking again.

Two minutes later, when he had made up his mind, he aimed the pistol at his own head and pulled the trigger.

Within seconds of his body finally lying still, his spirit rushed out, and flew out in the direction Sly's spirit had taken.

Revenge is sweet. But sometimes it ain't sweet enough if you've been wronged so much, that no amount of vengeance can get rid of the pain.

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  1. Woaah!! quite a piece of writing... Amazing... very gripping.. keep penning...

  2. Oh. My. God. What is with you and crime?! But then, yeah! I loved this piece the best - among all the others! More like these! ;-)

  3. @Asha - People tend to love things that they cant have or that they aren't priviliged to do..Human behaviour :P

    Ty :)

  4. Wow your stories are getting better by the day.I loved the post a brilliant piece of writing.

  5. that was so cool... i hope sly's soul finds a way to make curt's soul miserable...

    gonna cheat a bit here...and will take a cue from you and start my own alphabet series...hope that's ok...

    keep writin...always a pleasure to read you work!


  6. Reminded me of an Reader's Digest article this month's issue.. Very well written :)

  7. Very nicely wrote .....awsome article....LIKED IT

  8. gud one :) revenge is like a boomerang tht hits u back :P

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  10. Gosh! scary..
    gave those goosebumps!

  11. it was gripping and could hold you till the end...Good Job Man..

  12. Woww.... R for revenge indeed. Obsession in it's purest form .. Well done ..

  13. Interesting..I think I should get back to blogging. Congratulations Chrismeister, your blog is inspiring people to write. Is there a bigger compliment? :)


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