Thursday, 17 January 2008


Thy Humble Servant he always had been,
For him, you were generous, kind and serene,
No power could ever strip him of Faith,
But what lay before him, he'd never foreseen.

He hardly had wishes to ask from Above,
Life was simple, and peaceful, and pure, like a Dove,
And He thanked the Heavens for all that he had,
But deep down he knew, what was missing was LOVE!

And then one fine day, without any sort of warning,
Like a Fresh Breath of Air, LOVE at last came knocking,
He knew that at last all his prayers had been answered,
He had got what he Wanted, without even asking!

And Life passed by smoothly, without any care,
For they both had each other, They were walking on air,
But he never forgot to Thank the LORD,
Cause HE knew what he had now had come from UP THERE.

But then ONE DAY, She was taken away,
He was left all ALONE, life was in disarray,
He BEGGED and PLEADED with hands to the sky,
That what was HIS be RETURNED, but Heav'n offered NO RAY!

AND SO off to a graveyard he went with a spade,
He dug SIX FEET DEEP, and a TOMBSTONE he laid,
He cast all his Memories and Pains in that pit,
And He covered it up, and his heart brimmed with HATE.

Then He looked up to HEAVEN with bloodshot eyes,
He swore and cursed and severed all ties,
On the tombstone he scribbled, "REST IN PEACE,
Herein my LOVE, for ETERNITY lies."

And to date, his FAITH lies BURIED SOMEWHERE,
YES, till now his FAITH lies BURIED SOMEWHERE,
And the Tombstone screams - RIP...RIP....


  1. Wow thats some epic stuff...
    Seeing this side of yours for the first time...
    Nd it was real gud...altho it did end a bit abruptly...cud have made it a para longer...nd i say
    love is almost always pregnant with hate.
    Nd howz office life??
    Ur resolutn of being a regular blogger will hopefully be paid attentn to...;)..

  2. intense re.. very!!
    lovely tht ur finally postin ur poems :) tc

  3. Hi CRD,

    Pretty good poetry there! The rhyming helped the flow, but was not necessary. So don't force a rhyme down your poem's throat... like the 'Ray' word at the fag end of the poem. Otherwise, take a bow buddy!

    By the way, is this autobiographical? Just suspicious. My journalistic keeda prompted this thought.

    Although I do have the talent for poetry, haven't attempted anything for years. In fact, years ago I wrote the Foreword to a book of poems Flame of Love by Bro. Kevin D'Souza ofm.

    Maybe one day when you publish your book of poems, you can invite me to write yours too.

  4. Can you remember dreams ? :P

    I can never remember the dreams that i see; except when i am not day dreaming.

  5. If thats autobiographical...then you are intense if not then you are very empathetic ...Keep up the good work :) Best wishes


  6. Captivating.....will be still better if u change the last lines...

  7. Hey,

    It was very good...very poignant and did pull at the heart strings.

    Keep up the good work.

    Nina Rai

  8. .......................
    Rest in Peace the grave did scream
    Her death din sink in
    tho twasnt a dream...

    He ran to the spot both day n night
    Sang, shreakd, swore,
    She was nowhere in sight..

    In denial that she is now apart
    Seasons flew, years raced,
    Weakening his heart...

    In utter despair awaiting his fate
    He speaks tirelessly
    To her, till date...

    Her presence seems intensely real
    He closes his eyes
    And kisses her curls..

    Nestling cozily they move into past
    Reliving each moment thus..
    He breathes his last...


  9. thanx y'all for the comments. :)

    @julius:no man..thrs no publishin happening :P

    @nins..that was a lovely poem yaar. dont u have a blog of ur own?

  10. Hi CRD i'm back to blogging...
    it was awesome reading thisone.. very touchy... is it somewhere linked to ya... lol... sorry for trsspassng :P
    by the way that bstrd poem was not at all my autobiographical coz i'm lucky... lol..
    my orkut account is still the same n not deleted... might b u dltd me 4m frn list :( hehe...
    see you soon...

  11. dude!! whr hv u gone.. waiting fr a post frm u..

  12. hey poems finally?? Nice one!!!
    n i so loved ur dusky dat i got one for myself 2 :):)

  13. no chrisso.... no blog of ma own :)

    lookin forward to more posts by you !!

  14. one of the better poems i have read here!
    great work dude!

  15. phenomenal stuff dude...keep it up!!!

  16. lovely but a dark poem ...but is surely from the heart

  17. it's the most beautiful portrayal of love found and lost...loved it!

  18. oh u ve a good role as a lover then.. readin the poem was like watchin a nice romantic flick.. i love ur style man.. rock on..

  19. @sruthy,cookie,android and sujata - thank you :)

    @littlewriter - no man..i didnt delete you. and hey, i cant even find you..whats ur orkut profile?

    @ssnab - patience madame :P

    @sudha - you really liked dusky? :)

    @nins- u really should write some stuff and blog abt it too..u have some talent

    @gaurav - well,yeah..i intended it to be dark..and sure is from the heart

    @manorathan - thanx man. though i doubt such movies would work today [:P]

  20. seriously...this is one of the best tragic posts i ve read till now ...
    very deep man

    u rocked... cheers

  21. nice poem!!!

  22. Loved it loved it loved beyond words can xplain...very touchin and a beautiful melodrama...

    Keep posting more...I njoy reading them :-)

    Kudos to u

  23. i thought i have commented on this anways, here i am....
    as u say those few last lines
    "And to date, his FAITH lies BURIED SOMEWHERE"
    somewhere down u make the most poignant statement, that with love all faith is buried.......

  24. its very nice 2 c the mood being created so well.. thts the most important factor in writing poem

  25. too good !!
    loved reading it :)

  26. No one could have written it better than you did.....
    jst one word for it- Perfect :)

    never knew there was a poet in you

    looking forward to more from you!!
    Keep writing!!!

  27. Nice poetry..but why such a sad twist to the story? :) I have never attempted poetry and envy those who do!

  28. very emotional and a touchy poetry!!wonderful flow and narration christo!


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