Monday, 9 April 2018


The Other Morning
I Stepped Into Her House
And Found
Near And Dear Ones Fretting
And Sensed
Friends And Foes Abetting
And Discerned
Moms And Dads Regretting

The Other Afternoon
I Walked Into Her Workplace
And Saw
Envious Dames Detesting
And Watched
Sexist Males Persisting
And Caught
Men In Power Insisting

The Other Evening
I Stumbled Upon Her Path
And Viewed
A Hundred Eyes Scanning
And Heard
An Army Of Voices Hissing
And Felt
A Dozen Claws Groping

And I Was Glad To Be A Man...

Tonight's pic is all thanks to Manuj Mehta and his muse Sagrika Uppal, who are both based in Delhi. Manuj, apart from being an amazing photographer, also happens to be a brand influencer and a lecturer of photography and films at YMCA, Delhi. Further, he is also the Concept Head of One Dollar Travel Cafe, an initiative to take backpackers to spots in remote areas. Furthermore, he directs films through Indo Films for NFDC. On the other hand, Sagrika is a student of Journalism, and is currently serving as an Assistant Professor at the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in Delhi. You can follow Manuj on Instagram at and Sagrika at

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  1. Yet again a brilliant piece of writing.

  2. What all does a woman goes through just because she belongs to fairer sex.
    Well worded Chris.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for dropping by. Thank you for the compliment.

  4. A big thank you for trying to put yourself in the heels of a woman. It isn't always as bad and often worse. But I love the depth of thought.

    1. It's easy and common to see the oppression being played out, sometimes even by near and dear ones. Thank you.

  5. The plight of women beautifully penned down.Thanks you for being thoughtful and understanding about it!

  6. Beautifully penned what a woman goes through. You just nailed it in such few words.

  7. Deep and painful yet so strong and powerful. Loved it!

  8. Great writing.. not many men I knw are sensitive enough to u understand what u wrote so beautifully.. I’m glad u made it so simple yet deep ..

    1. Glad you like it. Thanks for dropping by and making my day with your comment :)

  9. It is beautiful! And sad! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Glad you liked it Zeemee. Thanks a ton :)

  10. Very well written:)..... It's really sad that women still have to go through all this.... in this century too


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