Thursday, 5 April 2018


There's A Pretty Fine Chick
With A Bag Full Of Tricks
She Drives Me Insane And Love-Blind
She Canoodles With Pricks
Quite Simply, For Kicks
She's Dreadfully Out Of Her Mind

There's A Hundred Names Scrawled On Her Chest
And Now She's A Heart-Throb Away From The Next

She Falls Head Over Heels
For A Sleazeball on Wheels
And Gives Him Much More Than Her Heart
She Thinks He's A Great Deal
"Plus He's Got Sex Appeal"
But This One Was Doomed From The Start

She Laments Falling Prey To His Charms
And Now She's A Heartache Away From My Arms

I Lend Her My Shoulder
I Try To Get Closer
And Join Her In Cursing The Cheat
I Comfort And Hold Her
I Hug And Console Her
And Help Her Get Back On Her Feet

I'm Surprised At The Way Life's Unfurled
Coz Now She's A Heartstring Away From My World

And Soon We Get Talking
Old Habits We're Knocking
We're Settling Our Woes With High-Fives
At Parties We're Rocking
She's Popping, I'm Locking
We're Having The Time Of Our Lives

I've Been Patiently Playing My Part
And Now She's A Heartbeat Away From My Heart

Then One Day I Called Her
To Tell Her I Love Her
But I Guess She Could Not Comprehend
Coz She Burst Out In Laughter
And Called Me A Prankster
"Cut It Out, You're My Best Friend"

Yeah She Tells Me That I'm Just A Friend
I'm heartbroken And This Is The End

The End...


  1. She left the poor one high and dry and that too sweetly! Or was it that he jumped to the wrong track much to quickly, I wonder.
    Good one!

    1. He was on the wrong track since day one.

      On a serious note, I think it's very rare to have two people who like each other in the exact same way. It usually is imbalanced, and the one who loves more usually ends up compromising on his/her own happiness more.

  2. i am heart broken too.. despite seeing this poem if she still thinks the protagonist as a friend, call me for sunshine :) will come to help u. #throwbackthursday for you isn't it? E is for exaggeration

    1. Hahaha. Maybe I'll ask him to call you...if only you promise not to friendzone him as well.

  3. Friendzoned?? or just plain rejection? Nice poem.

    1. Same difference na, at least from his perspective :p

  4. Ah yes the friendzone! A lie I used to tell myself to feel like a victim and get sympathy from people.

  5. Hahahahahaha oh my God what a journey of being friendzoned you have shown us through this excellent write up. I am head over heels on this poem! Loved the title End-Zoned. I am hysterically laughing on Arjun’s comment above.
    On serious note for many people its heart-breaking serious matter. I am still thinking do men also friend-zone women? Because most of the times women are blamed for this ! You can add a question after your poem to see if they do? Loved it :)

    1. Women also get friendzoned...I think

      Thanks for dropping by Shesha :)

  6. Great poem. Nice to read a poetry post for A-Z.

    All the best!

    1. Thanks Nilanjana. Glad you liked it.

  7. Oh that sad! But cant blame the girl. You dont know what she wanted in life.

    1. True that. Thanks for dropping by :)

  8. Sad to be friend-zoned but sometime it's for the best, especially if you're looking for a relationship that lasts. Don't want to be the next entry on the list of heartbreaks.

    1. True that.

      It's just a dream that got shattered and he needs time to grieve. As always, there will be news days and new dreams to chase in the future, no? :p

  9. Fun rhyme. Not a so great outcome for him. Good poem!

    1. Glad you liked it Sascha. Thanks for dropping by :)

  10. Aww...I had kinda guessed the ending but kept hoping it won't happen. Poor guy. Very lyrical poem though and kept the suspense going. :)

    1. Haha. That wouldn't be too hard to guess...if things had to turn out the way he wanted, he'd not be writing poems :p

      Thanks for dropping by Ashwini. Glad you liked it.

    2. Interesting. I ve never thought about it. But now that I am...happiness has never compelled me to write a poem. Thank you for that realization.

    3. I usually write short stories when I'm happy...really weird, twisted, sometimes dark and morbid stories.

      Actually, I do that when I'm pissed off as well :p

      What do you do when you're happy?

  11. So when you're happy you dig into your dark side!! I feel a few seconds of happiness after I have created something - a blog post, a painting, an origami project. And then it passes and I look for something else to give me that high.

  12. Ah that's poignant, I love the lines. Very lyrical and expresses the emotions well.


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