Saturday, 22 April 2017


Incident #85

Sudhir quickly alighted the bus. The three hour journey that was otherwise supposed to be one hour long (thanks to the legendary Mumbai traffic) had sapped his energy and gutted his composure. More than half of the public transport bus drivers were on strike that day; no wonder then that the bus had been unusually crowded today. As luck would have it, he had spent more than two-thirds of the journey standing, which was painful considering the fact that he was carrying a heavy backpack, loaded with a laptop, documents from work and a three-tier stainless steel tiffin box.

He was exhausted, but thanked his stars that home was just a couple of minutes from the bus stop. He attempted to walk as briskly as he could - his wife had asked him to be home by 7:45, but it was already 9 pm. Hardly had he reached the gate of his residential complex, when he suddenly remembered his wife's message asking him to buy 2 litres of milk and a packet of brown bread. He slapped his forehead and dragged his weary body back outside the gates. The kirana shop was about 400 metres away, and it took him about 10 minutes to fetch the stuff and drag his fatigued body up the staircase of his building. He stood in front of the doorstep of his second floor apartment and rang the doorbell, 

His wife took about 30 seconds to open the door. The door opened, and they both stared at each other. For about 10 seconds, no words were exchanged.

"Did you get the milk?", Shobha broke the silence.

" it is."

"The bread?"


"Is that all?", she looked at him with a cold stare.

"Wha...what? Did I forget something?"




The pistol had been purchased.

Incident #93

Shobha was busy wearing her saree. Sudhir was still shaving, but he had kept his linen pressed and ready. He knew he'd be done shaving in about five minutes, and that he'd only need another 15 minutes to get into his shirt, to button up and to slip on his trousers and loafers. The party was supposed to start in another 45 minutes. But he was certain Shobha would take another hour or so to get ready.

As expected, he was ready in twenty minutes. He waited patiently for her outside her room. She was done in an additional forty minutes. She walked out in panic.

"You ready?"

"Of course."

"So let's go. What are we waiting for?"

"Nothing. Let's go."

"Wait...What are you wearing?"

"Why? What's wrong?"

"You wore this last week as well, didn't you?"

" what?"

"I'm not leaving if you're gonna wear that."

"But why?"


The bullets came as well.

Incident #137

The bed was rocking in harmony with the motion of their bodies. With every thrust of his organ, she let out a moan that sounded like sweet music. She grabbed him by his buttocks and pulled him closer. His eager mouth moved from one breast to the other, attempting to take in more than it could accommodate. Then he moved his mouth back and used his fingers to twirl the nipples. She contorted her body into shapes that suggested that she was going to explode. Not for a second though did the pummelling down below stop.

When he finally came, he slowed down to look at her.Assuming that she was done as well, he rolled over next to her bare body and let out a sigh of satisfaction.

"That's it?", she asked in a tone that suggested irritation.

"Oh, I'm sorry...I thought you...."

"Yeah, of course you did."

"I'm really sorry.", he whispered gently into her ears as he proceeded to finger her.

She pulled away. "It's alright. I'm sleepy now. I never knew that...", she mumbled and stopped abruptly, without ending the sentence.

"Never knew what?", he asked, understandably angry.


He opened the drawer adjacent to the bedpost, pulled out the loaded pistol and pulled the trigger.


Did someone die or get injured or get killed?

Which one of the two was it then? was....



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