Wednesday, 19 April 2017


In Every Nook And Corner
I Find Splinters And Shards
And Before We Could Realise
You Lay Down All Your Cards
Not In My Wildest Dreams

Did I Ever Think I'd Find
A Shattered And Scattered
Mosaic YOU

We Both Begin To Gather
The Pieces, Small And Large
I Help, But Think It's Best 
That You Assumed Full Charge
But Then You Break Again

'Tis A Challenge To Concede
A Flustered And Bewildered
Mosaic YOU

I Let You Rest Awhile
And Shards Begin To Trace
In Some Scattered Pieces Of Mirror
I See A Broken Face

It's True, I'm Bruised Too 
Distraught And Impotent
Mosaic ME

Please feel free to leave comments, whether or not you liked what you read. It's a great way to start a conversation or a dialogue. I might be pretty boring in real life, but I promise I'm a lot more fun in this avatar.

For today's image, I was looking for someone who had an innocent face and whose picture conveyed a certain degree of sadness. A big thank you to Shinjini Dutta for sharing her pictures for the post. As you can see, she has an angelic face. No surprise then, that she has more than 4,500 followers on Instagram. Kolkata-based Shinjini is all of 21, and has a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. Interestingly, she has also completed a course in aviation from Frankfinn Institute. Her hobbies include shopping and playing the synthesizer. Her Instagram URL is

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