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WeChat was officially launched in India in May 2013. The 'app' developed by Chinese firm Tencent, has already taken South East Asia by storm.

Check out the WeChat channel on Youtube.

IndiBlogger wants us to name five people, whether dead or alive, whether real or fictional, that we would want to converse with in a group chat session on WeChat.

So here's presenting the five people I'd love to converse with on WeChat:-

1) Dr.Funmohan Singh
The man's a genius. Unknown to many, he's also the unassuming Prime Minister of Bharatland. It would be an honour to be able to chat with the man....and the lady behind him ;)

2) Gappi Lahiri
Gold prices might have plunged of late, but at Rs.27,000 per 10 gram it's still a royal indulgence. In such a scenario, it makes sense to be friends with someone who owns half the world's gold. Gappida also copies makes decent music. To top it all, his accent is hillarious cute. I guess his spellings would be at par too.

3) Balman Khan
I absolutely hate the guy. I think it's his arrogance and 'I own you all' attitude that ticks me off. A WeChat conversation would give me a chance to diss him without having to get into a physical confrontation.  

4) Singchana Puran Singh
Simply for comic relief.

5) Bugs Bunny
When I was a kid, he was my favourite cartoon character. He's a perpetual trickster who can get away with anything, and always finishes one-up on his foes. His wisecracks are awesome. He's a bad boy that every gentleman secretly wants to be like. He's the only fictional character in this list.

Here's how a group chat with these folks would go:

Me             : Hello folks

Funmohan  : Jai Madam Di. A very good day to you all.

Gappi         : Haylow. Kemonacho?

Balman      : Sniff sniff...Nacho...yahaan? How? Hahahahahaha 

Singchana  : Hahahahahahaha...Mind blowing!!

Bugs           : Eh...Whats up doc?

Me             : Erm...No...this is WeChat. Really cool app, no?

Funmohan  : Oh yes. It allows me to send voice messages. My cabinet members tell me they can finally hear my voice.

Singchana   : Hahahahahahaha. So sweet. I wanna take you home.

Funmohan   : 

Gappi          : Ekto baat batao haamko. Can aai sand mijuk thru dhees WeChat?

Me              : Mijuk? 

Bugs           : Now cut that out. What's all this hubbub, bub?

Balman       : Ho ho ho. Kitaney prateeshat bhartiyon ko inki baat samajh mein aayi? Hahahah

Me              : Aww cmon guys. Give him a break. Gappi da. Yeh Mijuk kya hai?

Gappi          : Arre dada. Mijuk ij mai laaif. Mijuk ij mai paishun. Mijuk ij..

Funmohan   : Madamji says he's talking about 'music'.

Gappi           : Ekdam barabar FunMohan da. Mijuk.

Me               : Oh yes. You can also send files through WeChat.

Funmohan   : Really?

Me            : Yes Sir. It also supports video calling. It also has the LiveChat feature. Hai na kamaal ka?

Bugs            : Munch munch munch...I'm multiplying. See...I'm multiplying. 

Me              : Haha. That's an emoticon Wabbit. There are hundreds of em on WeChat :)

Singchana   : Minnnndblowwwing. You make me proud.

Balman       : What the blackbuck? I thought she was here for comic relief

Singchana   : Oh ho ho ho ho ho...blackbuck...hahahahahahahaha

Balman       : Cut it out old hag 

Me              : Old hag? Now look who's talking

Balman       : You talkin to me?

Me              : What's the matter? Didn't have your dose of Pre-vital today?

Bugs           : Uh oh. I think you know this means war!

Gappi          : Hoodi baba! 

Funmohan   : Madamji bless your soul

Singchana   : Ohh Gosh! Mind numbing!! 

Balman       : Pick the damn phone you #@$% 

This post was written as part of IndiBlogger's "We Chat with Anyone, Anywhere!" contest.

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