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The sound of the police van sirens outside could be heard clearly. 'Maybe there were a dozen of them waiting outside', thought Frank to himself, 'or maybe more'. Very soon they'd all be free, unless the madman decided to take his own life and a few more as bonus. He clutched Vicky's hand a little tighter. She responded by digging her face into his chest.

Only an hour ago, the couple, in their late 20s, had stepped into the cafe - The Zorb - for a light evening bite. As usual, they had found the place teeming with humanity, but had managed to get hold of their favourite seats by the window by engaging in a barter with a group of college students. As usual, they held hands like teenagers, sipping their latte slowly and speaking softly to each other between sips. They had met each other two years ago as colleagues. Although they were currently working in different organisations, they had made sure that their offices were in the same building.

Frank had special plans for the day. It was the second anniversary of their relationship, and he wanted to make it extra special by popping the question. A diamond-studded ring lay cushioned in a small box and was safe in his pocket. He was gonna pull it out and do the needful, but this evening a crazy gunman had other plans. He had taken all patrons hostage and threatened to kill everyone until a dreaded terrorist that the government had in its custody was released.  

"I'm scared Frank", Vicky groaned, still buried in his chest.

Frank simply patted her head, unable to say anything. He was scared too. He wanted both of them to live together and start a family. But this dream seemed to be in danger of fading away with every passing minute. He grew anxious.

The gunman finally spoke up after a long time, "I think I'm gonna have to spill a little blood soon." He picked up his wireless phone and called up police headquarters, expecting to speak to the Commissioner once again.

"Hello. The gunman at Zorb here. Have you released him yet?"

"That's not gonna happen. Don't be silly. Cut out the drama and surrender", said the Commissioner. "We don't want trouble."

The gunman kept the device on the table without hanging up, and pulled out his gun. Then he simply walked towards a young student close by and shot her on the temple. Her lifeless body dropped down with a thud on the mezzanine floor, and everyone screamed in horror. Then the gunman picked up the phone again and simply yelled "ONE!" Then he hung up.

Vicky and Frank were both trembling now. The were overcome with a fear that they had never felt before - after all, life doesn't offer too many opportunities to take a whiff of the fear of death.

Outside, police activity seemed to have intensified. They could hear shots being fired and loud thuds - it seemed the police were about to storm the place.

The gunman, however, was defiant. "Who wants to go next?", he barked. Then without waiting for an answer, he pumped bullets into the college students at the table Frank had bartered. Frank and Vicky broke down wailing.

"EIGHT!" shouted the gunman, not minding the fact that the Commissioner wasn't listening anymore.

"Vicky", Frank whispered into her ear, "I wanted to propose marriage to you this evening...."

"Yes!", she accepted, crying, without  waiting for him to finish.

"I want you to know I love you from the bottom of my heart", he continued.

"I know sweetheart, I love you too", she sobbed.

The gunman spoiled their moment. " about you two this time?"

The couple hugged each other tight, awaiting their fate.

By the time the police could storm in, eighteen people had lost their lives, including Frank and Vicky. Vicky never got to see the diamond-studded ring. They never even had the chance for a last kiss. \ But survivors said that the couple were one in body and soul even when their lives were draining away.

Even without actually exchanging wedding vows, they had spent the rest of their lives together...TILL DEATH DID THEM PART.

As in life, they remained soulmates in death as well. 
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  1. Awesome tale from a slice of life. I have also tried something similar could you please take a look and provide your feedback.

    Vikas Khair - Lovebirds

  2. A touching story. Although the end was predictable, I still like the way you portrayed and narrated it.

    All the best for BAT50 :)

    I am a participant too. :)

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  4. This brought tears to my eyes...such a touching story....beautifully written...keep it up....

    Blog-a-ton topic is see my post too if U hav tym! I participated 1st tym!
    Amrita - Overclouded

  5. Awww.... Its so heart touching *sniff sniff* :(

  6. It was as if I was watching a lovely action-cum love- come emotional movie. Loveld the story. Truly matches the blog-a-ton theme. First time on your blog and loved it

  7. Nicely done emotional thriller.
    Thank you CRD for your comment on my post about renaming cities. You said it for me. Your comment justifies your blog name....scripted in sanity.

  8. A touch of life, unpredictable as it is. Wonderfully written.

  9. There's no good way to die but the most satisfying one is to go in the arms of the one you love!

    All the best for BAT 50! Cheers!

  10. As Isha rightly mentioned that the most satisfying way is to die in the arms of the one you love. You have narrated it beautifully. Lovely write up.

    All the best for BAT!


  11. This is sad but so beautiful. Funny how life plans it out sometimes. Love like this lasts forever. A touching piece <3

    I will keep reading.
    Happy new year!
    Best wishes,

  12. this reminded me of recent incident in Sydney, although it's a fiction but you creatively linked it to the reality to weave this romantic and tragic story.

    My Blogaton#50 post Soulmates

  13. This brought tears in my eyes. Very sad to know that Frank and Vikcy, just in their 20's could not live a life they dreamt, but they will remain as Soulmates forever <3

  14. that was so sad....and yet so beautiful!

    here's mine-

  15. Quiet a surreal effect you created in the end. Nicely done.
    All the best

  16. Heart broken..! You have written showing the great impact of the story connected to the subject. Best of luck for BAT 50...

  17. Aptly written...merging two stories together...Nice ..
    All the best for BATOM :)

  18. Wow this is so well written. And the line 'Till death did them part' was so meaningful for the story.


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