Sunday, 18 September 2011


Preface – The Bear walked into a new day in the jungle. The atmosphere was filled with the cacophony of certain animals giggling away to glory. The Gorilla, the female pig, and the pack of Hyenas were at their irritating worst, bitching about all and sundry. Only a handful of the rest were actually immersed in work. A usual day in the jungle.

Just then, one of the noisy ones broke into a song, and everyone else joined in.

Virus Ke Liye Jaise Host Hota Hai
Vaise Har Ek Colleague Zaroori Hota Hai
Vaise Har Ek Colleague Zaroori Hota Hai

Koi Tere Failure Pe Haath Badhaye
Koi Tere Success Pe Aag Sulgaye
Ek Tere Burden Ko Halka Kare
Toh Koi Tere Sukoon Mein Ungli Kare

Koi Always Giving, Koi Selfish Hota Hai
Par Har Ek Colleague Zaroori Hota Hai

Ek Ghadi Ghadi Kaam Aye, Aur Kabhi Kabhi Consult Kare
Ek Kabhi Kaam Na Aye, Par Ghadi Ghadi Disturb Kare

Knowledge Aur Inputs Ka Koi Treasury
Koi Cheap-talk Ka Ghoomta Phirta Factory
Koi Not-So-Good, Koi Worse Hota Hai
Lekin Har Ek Colleague Zaroori Hota hai

Cubicle Waala, Koi Gtalk Waala
Koi Lunch Time Pe Company Dene Waala
Celebrations, Trips Organise Karne Waala
Koi Insider Information Dene Waala

Helping Colleague, Motivating Colleague
Bitching Colleague, Giggling Colleague
Yeda Colleague, Shaana Colleague
Honest Colleague, Jealous Colleague
Team Player, Ass-Licker
Big Joker, Back-Stabber
Rule-Breaker, Rule-Abider
Peeth-Peeche Oral-Crapper

Gin-Gin Ke Types Bheja Roast Hota Hai
Par Har Ek Colleague Zaroori Hota Hai
Haan Har Ek Colleague Zaroori Hota Hai

Epilogue – The Doe smiled and said, “Har Colleague Zaroori Hai Yaar!!!”

Just then the Bear stepped out of his cubicle with an irritated look on his face. "Now you tell me", he said as he dunked the severed heads of the Gorilla, the Female Pig and the Hyenas in the garbage bin.


  1. Bwahhah nice one sirjee...i cant wait to start working now.

  2. @Red Handed - They all say that in the beginning ;)

  3. -_- I have always had issues growing up and being responsible.
    Now this.

  4. waisy har aik blogger, zaroori hota ha =D

  5. wow..... very nice.... and so TRUE..... no matter how they are...... they r still ZAROORI for us... :-)

  6. sahi tha bhidu :) wonderfully insightful!

  7. After having dissected this ad, reading this version was quite hilarious! :D Awesome! Loved the ending...rofl! :D Class act! :)

  8. haha.. this was so awesome, Chris!!!!!

    toooo good!! you know, personally, i hate the airtel jingle.. but this was one heck of a great song! thumbs up!

  9. I want to know d names of d people dat came 2 yr mind while describing d traits:-)

  10. Haha, I second Ezazi,
    waisy har aik blogger, zaroori hota ha =D

  11. Hahahaha
    great analysis of colleagues :P

  12. @PeeVee - Woah..that was mean! :P

  13. @Ezazi - Hanji...sahi baat hai :)

  14. @Mishree - Insightful??? Really??? :P

  15. @Tara - Thank you sis! :D

  16. @Shruti - You hate the airtel jingle??? Hell, why???

  17. @Lavita - Well..erm..their names are "The Gorilla, the Famel Pig and the Hyenas" :P

  18. @Hamza - Oh could've said something in your own words

  19. Wow, I see your posts belong to another level..
    very different from the usual..keep that up..!! :)


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