Thursday, 28 January 2010


Sly paddled his arms and legs as fast as he could. The piercing pain in his abdomen had now been replaced by a stiff numbness. He somehow felt he still had a chance to save himself, if only he could find a way to get out of the water. The nearest surface right now was the bottom of the river he was in, the second- nearest surface was just a few metres ahead of him, but it was a good 50 feet above the river-level. He had fallen off a cliff.

Up on the edge of the cliff, Curt watched him struggle. He tried hard to think, but nothing came to his mind. It was almost as if he was too shocked to react. Beads of sweat nestled between the ridges of his anxious forehead, threatening to avalanche down any moment. Sly was still alive - there was still some hope. He had to do something - real quick.

Finally gathering himself, he ran to the SUV, and pulled a long rope and a spare tyre from the bonnet. He quickly began tying the rope to the tyre, to create a make-shift float. Even from here he could still hear the water splashing below - a sign of life. Within a few seconds he was ready with his lifeline, and he quickly made it back to the spot.

"Hold onto this!!!", he shouted out, hoping that Sly had heard him, and he dropped the lifeline into the river below. He felt something tug at the rope - Sly had found it. The next moment, the tension on the rope was 10-times, or maybe 30-times - he couldn't tell. All he knew was that he had to pull it up with all his might. And he pulled.

Three minutes of pulling, and Sly was on the cliff again. He lay on the ground, tired, and breathing heavily. His abdomen was bleeding, and his guts were beginning to spill out. But he still had hope - he was still breathing.

So Curt pulled out his pistol and shot him again, this time in the head, just to make sure he wouldn't survive.

The now-brainless body lay motionless after a few jerks. Curt stood above it, with his eyes closed and arms stretched out, waiting for the feeling of retribution to overcome him.

But nothing happened.

When he opened his eyes a minute later, he saw Sly's spirit emerge from the heap of flesh, blood and gooey stuff, and stare at him. It grinned at him, as if promising to get back. And then, it flew out into the woods.

Curt, stood right there, confused. He wasn't the least scared. He started thinking again.

Two minutes later, when he had made up his mind, he aimed the pistol at his own head and pulled the trigger.

Within seconds of his body finally lying still, his spirit rushed out, and flew out in the direction Sly's spirit had taken.

Revenge is sweet. But sometimes it ain't sweet enough if you've been wronged so much, that no amount of vengeance can get rid of the pain.

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Sunday, 17 January 2010


A Sequel to THE ANGEL AND THE PAUPER <---Click to read
Almost seven moons had passed now. The Pauper hadn't seen or heard from her since she smiled and waved a bye to him. He had waited patiently - just for a mere glance, or even a faint echo of her flapping wings.

But he hadn't had any of it ever since.

Today was the feast of the Mighty One. The entire universe would be chanting the Mighty One's name. They'd all be dressed in their very best. Everyone would greet each other and exchange goodies, and hugs. Love and peace would be all around. Everyone would join in.

So would the angels.

And he knew it. So he waited eagerly.

But she didn't come.

He began to get worried. So he wrote a small hello on a piece of rag that he tore from his clothing, and tied it by a string to the leg of a dove that he managed to catch. He kissed the dove, whispered the name of his angel to it, and sent it soaring up into the sky, hoping that his angel would find it and come back, or at least send a message back with the dove.

And he waited.

But all he did was wait. And the wait was painful. He waited till the day almost came to a close.

And then he found them.

The dove lay motionless on the ground a few metres away from the place he first met his Angel. Its eyelids were shut, its feathers ravaged and scattered, its claws curled tight, and its neck wrung backwards. The message was still tied to its leg, and it seemed that it hadn't been read at all.

Next to the dove, lay something even more broken. It was savagely smashed, punctured brutally, and was absolutely dry and withering.

It was a heart...

The Pauper stared into the distance. shell-shocked to react.

That's when he saw her, at a distance, flying away. She hadn't even cared to look at him. She didn't even wait to mock at him or spit in his face.

Eventually, a tear trickled down his left eye. And then the right one. And then they came pouring down. And finally he wailed out into the lonely night.

He wailed till the sun rose in the horizon.

And then, when he was done, the pauper resigned to his fate.

He should've known that LOVE was FORBIDDEN for unfortunate ones like himself.

He tore out another patch from the little clothing that he had, and used it to sew the heart back into one piece. And then he put it back where he knew it belonged.

And he hoped it would beat again.

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Kahaan Ho Tum? Mujhe Batao,
Zara Kareeb Se Pukaaro,
Kahaan Kahaan Dhundoo Tumko?
Main Awaara Dar-Badar,
Nazar Na Aaye Tum Magar,
Chup Gaye Ho Tum Kahaan, Ho Tum Kidhar?

Ab Toh Dil Hai Darta Sehraa, Dariya Aakhon Ki Namee,
Yaadon Ka Laga Hai Pehraa Har Kahin,
Jaana, Tumse Tha Jo Raushan Mera Pyar Pe Yakeen,
Goom Hai Kahaan? Kal Tak Toh Tha Yaheen?
Oh Humnasheen...

Tumhi Ne Toh Kahaa Tha Mujhse,
"Subah Nayee Toh Aayegi",
Isi Ummeed Ke Sahaare,
Kar Raha Hu Rehguzar,
Kaho Kahaan Ho, Humsafar?
Chup Gaye Ho Tum Kahaan, Ho Tum Kidhar?

Ab Toh Dil Hai Darta Sehraa, Dariya Aakhon Ki Namee,
Yaadon Ka Laga Hai Pehraa Har Kahin,
Jaana, Tumse Tha Jo Raushan Mera Pyar Pe Yakeen,
Goom Hai Kahaan? Kal Tak Toh Tha Yaheen?
Oh Humnasheen...

Mujhe Aawaaz Do,
Mere Khwaabon Ke Sahaaron,
Phir Se Aawaaz Do,
Kahaan Ho Tum, Pukaaro...
Mere Khwaabon Ke Sahaaron...
Mujhe Tum Pukaaro

Tumse Tha Jo Raushan Mera Pyar Pe Yakeen,
Goom Hai Kahaan? Kal Tak Toh Tha Yaheen..

Ab Toh Dil Hai Darta Sehraa, Dariya Aakhon Ki Namee,
Yaadon Ka Laga Hai Pehraa Har Kahin,
Jaana, Tumse Tha Jo Raushan Mera Pyar Pe Yakeen,
Goom Hai Kahaan? Kal Tak Toh Tha Yaheen?

Friday, 1 January 2010


The New Year Has come. Most people (except for losers like me...LOSERS RULE!!!) prefer bringing in the New Year partying the night away with friends, or random strangers even. Some like to cuddle with their sweethearts. Owners of lonely hearts might want to gaze up at the stars and the moon in the sky. Busy ones would prefer enjoying their once-a-year peaceful 8-hours plus of uninterrupted sleep (provided the folks in the neighborhood aren't too obsessed about fireworks). But almost everyone has 'New Year' resolutions. Of course, not many would like to admit it, for feared of being labelled as wusses who need to plan everything in life.

I'd made a few resolutions the last time around. Current status, you ask? Screwed up almost all of em. Didn't lose weight, am still an emotional fool, and I still can't dance or play the guitar. But I did manage to better my blogging average, to a little more than 2 posts a month, in spite of the gruelling course. Its simple..the more pissed or upset you are, the more you blog. Do I see heads nodding in approval already?

Up until the last year, I always had something to post about my New-Year Resolutions. This time around though, I think I'll keep em to myself. But here's a list of Resolutions of some famous personalities. These are just rumours, so keep em to yourselves, and if you can't, then keep the author's name to yourselves...

Here goes:

1. Himesh Reshammiya - I will restrict my acting skills only to stage shows and reality shows.

2. L.K.Advani - I will prove it to them that I still have a few years to go before retirement. Abhi toh main jawaan hoon...

3. Raj Thakeray - I will keep track of all Migrants to give them Grand Welcomes. Also, I will keep track of all late-night western-themed parties for the same reason.

4. Uddhav Thakeray - I will strive to gain access to all that info before Raj does.

5. Suresh Kalmadi - I will make the Common Wealth Games in Delhi a 2010.'s already here?? OMG!

6. Robin Uthappa and Dinesh Karthik - We will feature in more games than sub-standard ads.

7. Tiger Woods - I will concentrate strictly on golf holes, and keep my balls on the right courses.

8. Shiney Ahuja - I will convince my on-screen heroines than I'm not as bad in REEL life.

9. Tanaaz and Bakhtiyar Irani, Delnaz Irani, Rakhi Sawant, Bobby Darling, etc etc - We will not do any more reality shows (Now this one's definitely just a rumour)

10. All Miss-India's - We will not enter Bollywood, ever! (And so is this one!)

11. Uday Chopra - I Will stop acting in movies

12. Audiences - We will make sure he keeps his word

13. TV Producers - We will completely stop making saas-bahu serials...Laughter shows are the in-thing as far as torture goes today.

14. Elesh (of Rakhi Sawant ka swayamwar fame) - I will pray to 'Jee-juss' that I get married this year

15. Indian Politicians - We will wash our feet before putting them in our own mouths the next time.

16. Aamir Khan - I've had enough of roles as 21-year olds. I will play a 22-year old henceforth.

17. Doomsayers - We will let the world know that the end comes in 2012.

18. God - (without even looking, in true babu-style) - 2012?? Huh..baad mein aana...