Thursday, 16 September 2010


It's ironical, but work tends to make you lazy. Office-work to be precise. When we were younger, we used to spend a lot of energy running around, playing some sport or the other, carrying heavy school-bags, etc. In short, we had our daily dose of workouts back then.

But things change as soon as we're adults. We really do work much more, but in the process, our bottoms stay glued to our seats.

I've gained a lot of weight since the new job happened. The four-month workout and weight loss has finally gone to waste. My weighing machine said so. Even if it hadn't to, I'd have found out. The signs say it all.

Presenting, 10 signs that tell you that you've piled on the pounds:-

  1. You need standing space as big as a 6-by-6 ki kholi, while you're in a bus or a train

  2. When you cease to be beefy, and now look muttony (read fleshy)

  3. When your umbrella is not wide enough to cover your whole body

  4. When otherwise fierce and massive dogs move aside with their tails between their legs, every time you cross their path

  5. When you begin to seethe with rage every time someone gets referred to as 'jaadya', never mind if they're strangers

  6. When you stop using the family soap bar, and need one exclusively for yourself...and even that needs to be replaced every three days

  7. When your stepping into a swimming pool causes floods in the tiled area around it

  8. When your old baggy-shirts now fit like body-hugging baniyaans

  9. When you begin to fall short of frame-space while getting solo pictures of yourself clicked

  10. When football teams are desperate to have you join them, as a goalkeeper. And no matter how much you plead that you were trained as a midfielder and not as a goalie, they tell you that all you have to do is stand in front of the goalpost



  1. Nice! Ive gained a few pounds too and one irritantingly stupid scale pegged it at 10kg plus to my prev weight! :O. Am on a reduce weight mode now. LEts see how it works! :D

  2. this doesnt apply to me :P i'll hv to post a blog thats contrary to this one :D heehee ;)

  3. Nice! :) m already startin to get angry! :P

  4. Ah! A tailor-made post for me! :P

    Also, I would say Ashwin is gloating jussst a little bit... Ashwin, even if you gain 20 kilos I doubt you would be called overweight :P

  5. hahahhaaaaaaaaaa :D :D

    dude - take a pic of urself and upload on fb asap !

    i want to see how u look muttony in ur body fitting tees ! :P

  6. hahahahaha..nice one..but u still take out time for blogs:-)

  7. REminds me of wht my goals shd be for the next 3 months...i needed tht :) thnks a lot

  8. Good post lol. And hope you lose all those extra pounds soon! I am in the same boat, but it has been on a declining scale so hope it stays the same for few more days and I shall post something that can be the "upaay" for the 10 signs :P

  9. hehehe.....i wish to see atleast one of those signs comin ma way!!

  10. Groan!! That was the table move as I pushed back my chair!!!


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