Sunday, 4 April 2010


Sana and Reggie were classmates.

And they were best of friends.

Their friendship blossomed only in the middle of the academic year, when the two loners began sharing lunch and eventually benches. They were similar in almost all respects. Both hated speaking a lot, both were dreamers, both loved the simple things in life and didn't want too much from it.

And both loved to be with each other...

...until people started talking about them, and Reggie started getting conscious.

But Sana didn't mind the talking. She really liked Reggie a lot.

Reggie though, began to take Sana for granted.

In the month gone by, this was how days went and made her feel extremely upset.

•On day one, she saw him look upset, and asked him what was wrong, but he shrugged it off with a smile saying everything was okay.

•Being the last few days before they graduated and departed, she attended college only coz she didn't want to miss a day so that she could spend more time with him. But on day five, he told her how much he hated having to come to college every day. This made her upset.

•In week 2, she won an inter-collegiate contest, and the world called and messaged to wish her. Even people who weren't really her friends, and who hardly ever talked to her otherwise congratulated her. But he didn't. It was almost like he didn't have a clue at all. She felt hurt and unimportant.

•The next day, she had some good news that she didn't want to share with anyone else except him. She imagined how happy he would be to hear it from her mouth. But he didn't turn up that day. Her enthusiasm fizzled out

•Two days later, he finally came to college. She was seeing him after what seemed like ages. He was looking kinda cute that day. She wanted to tell him how handsome he looked, but chose not to, coz she was scared about how he'd react. It can be quite painful to keep things to yourself sometimes.

•As they left to go home, she saw him walk dejectedly out of the campus gates. She called out to him, more than a dozen times. She even ran out behind him and walked a few steps beside him, but he didn't notice her at all. She felt hurt and walked away

•The whole of next week, he didn’t attend college, simply coz ‘he was feeling lazy'. She called him up after a week, just to hear his voice, but his voice on the phone didn't sound the least happy

•On the seventh evening, he promised her that he would be coming the next day. She shooed off others who came to sit beside her, only to reserve a seat for him, and waited eagerly. 30 minutes into the lecture he messaged saying that he wasn't gonna come, and so she had to sit all alone for the rest of the day

•She gets terribly upset every time she thinks about him. Coz while she thinks of him as her best friend, and perhaps even more than that, she has no clue about what she means to him. Sometimes she 'knows' she means nothing to him at all...

It's very upsetting when someone is the world to you, but you don't feel as important to that person.


  1. hurts a lot wen u just cant understnd as to why ur frnd is not talking to u..or why is he/she ignoring or avoiding..its a sick feeling :'(

  2. hey! so true.. very well scripted!

  3. Chris, you've hit the bull's eye. I wish my 2 best friends were to read this.

  4. hmmm... brought back some old memories.. so true..

  5. OH MY GOD! seems forever :) but things havent changed still write that well..maybe even better.. :) and your u have a copyright for this..can i copy and mail this to a friend? please? he really really really needs to read this.. :P my latest FB status says "i love photos, they never change even if the people in them do"..!

  6. If you honestly want to know, people would relate to it because every single person, and I mean, EVERY one has been through something like this. You couldve put it better though, nice work. Keep up the good stuff!

  7. Its equally worse when both of you have shared those moments together and suddenly one day it's athough you never existed for the other person at all.. Nice script though I felt it could have been scripted a little more crisper and tighter :) Keep Penning...

  8. Wow.. you have written very well.And its so true,happens to everyone atleast once in lifetime.. :)

  9. True! Bt I was looking for a conclusion. Gawd oly knows why. I just wanna know wat happens next...

  10. Nice post, especially the last line which flawlessly explains the story! So true! Ignorance always hurts! You could've considered bringing the story to a better conclusion though!

  11. you know, thats the reason most relationships that dont work out fail. .
    bec someone doesnt feel important enough. .
    its just as true with loved ones


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