Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Mehkhaane Se Bhi Zyaada,
Saraab Hai Tera Mujhpar,
Ke Khwaab Dekhta Hun,
Main Hosh Mein Bhi Rehkar...

Kuch Yun Tadpaati Ho Tum,
Ki Behlaata Sharaab Nahin,
Sau Lafzon Ke Sau Khat Bheje Hain,
Ab Tak Koi Jawaab Nahin

Har Roz Ki Tarah Kal,
Ek Tohfa Bheja Tumko,
Tumne Bhi Kal Palatkar,
Ek Tohfey Se Nawaaza...

Kaantey Thay Tere Tohfey,
Koi Mehektey Gulaab Nahin,
Sau Lafzon Ke Sau Khat Bheje Hain,
Ab Tak Koi Jawaab Nahin

Main Diljala, Phir Kyun Sazaa?
Meri Tadap Par Kyun Mazaa?
Haskar Sitam Kyun Dhaati Ho?
Mujhse Kyu Duur Jaati Ho?

Jaley Pe Marham Maltey Hain,
Chidaktey Tezaab Nahin,
Sau Lafzon Ke Sau Khat Bheje Hain,
Ab Tak Koi Jawaab Nahin

Har Pal Zubaan Par Dua Hai,
Mujhse Judaa Mera Khuda Hai,
Na Sunta Hai Woh Haal-e-Zaar,
Karke Laachaar, Gumshuda Hai...

Ho Tum Hi Mera Khuda, Aur Khuda Ki Hi Tarah,
Tumhein Mere Zakhmon Ka Hisaab Nahin,
Sau Lafzon Ke Sau Khat Bheje Hain,
Ab Tak Koi Jawaab Nahin...

P.S. - I SOOO Hate The Days I Write Poems...

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Friday, 18 September 2009


Its back to where it all began once again. I feel the same uneasy feeling I had during the first few weeks since I first met them.

I feel like a stranger in their midst.

Even if there's a conversation happening, I feel completely left out. That vibe and connection that was so strong only a few weeks ago has suddenly vanished.

If I have something to say, they don't seem to be listening.

They don't tag me along for tea anymore, and if I ask them, they keep me waiting.

My jokes aint funny anymore..I really miss their guffaws. They only laugh when I say something serious nowadays.

Some of them always have something nasty to say about me...I guess I'm to blame...I've been too much of a clown. No one takes me seriously anymore.

Its back to where it all started. I can't be my usual self till I'm sure that I'm accepted. That sense of belonging has faded a wee bit.

The sad thing is that in a few months, we will all go on to separate paths. Maybe we'll never see each other again.

Sometimes I remember those happy times we shared, and think how lucky I've been. At other times, I wonder why I always break the vow I made to myself a little more than a year ago - a vow not to make friends or emotional attachments ever again.

Is this why they say "Familiarity breeds contempt" ?

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


The Cafeteria was crowded, as usual. I was sitting, aimlessly, sipping on my Cuppa, when I saw them descending the staircase. She gently tip-toed her way down, and he followed right after her, matching her steps, helping her negotiate the descent. He had one strong arm around her waist, and the other hand was holding her arm, firmly, yet gently. As soon as the last step was conquered, he whispered something into her ear, and she let out an endearing laugh. Then she whispered back to him, and he smiled. A few arm-in-arm slow steps later, they were seated at the table next to mine.

Between sips, I dared to glance at the couple. the girl was really pretty. Her skin was glowing and spotless, her hair fringed and bearing a tinge of auburn. A few tufts settled on her face like kiss-curls. Her nose was petite and cute. And here eyes...oh...those eyes...

But the guy...he was a stark contrast to the heavenly creature seated next to him. He was  stout, and seemed quite clumsy. His fingers were short and stubby. His face was full of craters and acme. The stubble looked anything but manly, and he was almost completely bald. The buck-teeth didn't make him look any better. But they were smiling...they both were smiling and whispering sweet nothings to each other.

Her eyes....

I noticed something strange about her eyes. They could never quite focus on the guy's face. Maybe his face really was quite detestable. They either stared straight into the horizon, or stayed fixed on the table under them. Those eyes...

Two minutes later, I knew better.

She was BLIND...How I wished that she wasn't.

The cacophony around me suddenly caught my attention.

A few tables away, a group of girls was looking in the direction of a gym-sculpted, body-hugging t-shirt wearing dude, drooling and giggling. 

Somewhere else, a group of guys ogled shamelessly at a "campus-babe", who was generously flaunting well-toned thighs and cleavage. She, in turn, seemed to be enjoying the attention, and smirked to herself.

At another table, a girl was telling her other girl-pals about this innocent geek who admired her, and describing the things he had done for her. They were laughing at how "dumb" he was.

Then I looked back at the table next to me.

The guy was holding a spoonful of the soup he had just ordered to the girl's mouth. She sipped. Then she groped for his hand, and when she'd found it, she kissed it. He smiled through his buck-teeth once again. 

A thought occurred to me. 

Somehow, this time, I was glad that she was Blind.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Christo Had A Little Lamb
Little Lamb
Little Lamb

Christo Had A Little Lamb
Its Fleece Was..Erm..Well..Not Really As White As Snow

But Yeah,
Everywhere That Christo Went
Christo Went
Christo Went

Everywhere That Christo Went
That Lamb Was Sure To Go


Rocky had a haircut and miraculously turned from a dog to a goat :P