Friday, 24 April 2009


"Long time, no post", do I hear ya saying that? Ok, wishful thinking perhaps :P. Was down with exam fever and exams since the past week-and-a-half (felt like a lifetime, trust me), and now I'm free to blog. There is a saying in Blogosphere that "Tags are bloggers best friends", coz they give you excuses to post something in case you've lost your creative juices. Have a lot of tags still due, can't do the old ones coz I can't remember who tagged me with what. So I'm doing the recent ones. Appy, and Asha had a stroke of telepathy-feminisia :P and simultaneously decided to Tag me on the same topic. I remember someone else had tagged me on this almost a year back, but I can't remember who it was, so a brief mention of Mr/Ms. Forgotten as well. Im supposed to tell y'all 25 things about myself. So here goes.

25 things you didn't know/didn't wanna know/I didn't want you to know about me:

1. I absolutely cannot talk to strangers. I usually feel comfortable talking to people only if I've met them atleast twice. Makes me come across as arrogant or snobbish, but its just that I don't find my comfort zone too soon. Takes a lot of time to feel comfortable with people, whether male or female. But yeah, I'm probably a different person online. Probably coz I don't really need to feel uncomfy when its not face-to-face.

2. My best friends are people who I started speaking to only 1 year after knowing that they existed :P

3. Once you get to know me, I can talk a LOT!! And a lot of shit. No dirty stuff though :P

4. I'm a teetotaller. And I get laughed at for that. Which makes me hate them even more.

5. I have a lot of nicknames/petnames. My mom has a petname for me (I'm not gonna mention that one), friends at school and college called me Crato, Christo, Cristy, Chris, and what not. And here at XIMR (the MBA Institute) they call me Christoph, Toe-fur, Toff, Toef, and more. But hey, I think I like em petnames. Coz I hate the name Christopher [:P]

6. I used to be veryyyy quiet when I was a kid. So much so that teachers used to force me to talk, while whacking the others for talking :P I still am quiet and reserved, but its a far cry from the days when I had no friends at all, just sympathisers.

7. My parents dunno I have a funny and popular side outside of home. They, and all relatives still think I'm shy all the time. 

8. I'm veryyy Image-Conscious. Probably this is the reason for point 7. I knew I had an image of a quiet guy since childhood, and so, when I did open out during college, I tried my best to stay quiet at home, coz I didn't wanna disturb my image in front of my folks. Not that they'd be upset or anything, I'm sure they'd be really happy. But I don't like springing surprises and fieldng questions like "Bhai, Tum To chupey rustom nikle".

9. I'm very possessive and protective of people I love and care about. But I dunno how to express love and caring, in action atleast [:P]

10.I can never be diplomatic. If I don't like someone, I cannot pretend to be cordial.

11.If I forgive someone, I forgive and forget.

12.I'm the only one at home who doesn't wear glasses. And I don't like it.

13.Murphy's law was probably inspired by me. Always applies to me. Especially when ever I'm doing something routine, and my pop appears on the scene. Which makes me wonder sometimes - is it really Murphy's law, or is it some bad omen? [:P]

14.I HATE parties. Coz I feel bored at parties. Coz there's nothing I can do at parties. Can't dance, can't play an instrument, can't sing in public, don't booze. I'd rather stay home or go on a walk alone.

15.I have real BIGGG feet. Which is why I NEVER get to choose my shoes, I have to take whatever's available. Also, it causes a lot of problems in buses and trains, whether crowded or not. Not even place to squeeze in my feet. Sigh

16.I love munching. Just to keep my jaws busy, or to beat boredom, or when I'm stressed, or just like that. Almost 24 hours a day [:P]

17.I drink a LOT of water. As soon as I'm back indoors after a walk outside, I HAVE TO drink atleast 1.5 litres of water at one go. 

18.I sweat a lot. Probably the reason why I drink a lot of water.

19.I am quite accident-prone. Tumbled down a shop's staircase when I was 4 and got a gash on my brow, whose scar is still visible. Had a slit on the bridge between my nose and upper-lip when I was 2, and still have a very visible scar. Had a toenail removed since it peeled off while playing football. Had an injury to my left eye's retina in January when a ball hit me with full force, still haven't recovered fully. Get the picture? :P

20.I use my left hand better for some activities, and the right hand well for some others. So I'm 
basically forced to use both hands. This is NOT COUNTING the daily morning routine :d

21.There was a time I ABSOLUTELY HATED Music. Today I'm a great music lover. And I listen to all kinds of music. Ghazals, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Filmi, Hindustani Classical, Carnatic, Sufi, Fusion, I love em all. But I hate hip-hop and Trance. 

22.I've crossed the century Landmark!! In the weight department [:P]

23.I started writing poems only last year. The reason is irrelevant today :P

24.I started blogging only to kill depression.

25.I Love Comments :P. Please leave your comments :P


  1. Hmmm. No comments to make. Just glad that you posted a new write-up after an eternity. Thanks for doing the tag. Nice pic, by the way. Where did ya find it?

  2. No 13's always been the story of my life too!
    It's weird how voyueristically (Is that even a word!?!) nice it makes u feel to read 25 random things abt someone u've never met!:P
    Fun read tho:),

  3. You siad you loved comments..!!thought of dropping you one..!!:P

  4. Number 6 ! BANG ! It's me!
    Well written..and interesting to read! :)

  5. Now I know what you meant when you commented on my tag! Similarities, similarities! :D

  6. @Appy - Aww, "no comment:\" doesn't qualify as a comment :(

    Oh yea, I'd seen this pic on the blog of the first person who'd tagged me. Liked the concept and decided to use it everytime I did a tagged post :P

    You can find it on google

  7. @shwetz - well yea, its sometimes fun to be able to peek into someone else's life.

    Well, I too was not too hesitant about telling things about myself to people who've never met me. But I'd never want people around me to ever read this. Its not safe to point out ur strengths and weaknesses to people around you, you see :P

  8. @Amar - Hehe, thanx dude. :p

  9. @Adijo - Aha! Someone like me :d

    Hell, I haven't tagged anyone on this one yet.

  10. @Asha - Ahaan? Lotsa similarities eh? :P

  11. Hated music? I'm glad you don't feel so anymore. There's God and then there's music.


  12. No 13 was really good...
    There's a serial on zee cafe...
    Everybody hates Chris...I always thought of u when i saw that promo...

    and the best of the lot...
    No.20 :D

    nice to know more abt u.... :D

  13. DANG! we both have a lot in common...
    1,2,3,4,5,6, & 9... :O I thought I was reading my story!! :D

    Good one ....


  14. This is it. . . This is it. . . I liked reading it... Funny, humorous and simply the best... :D

  15. Boy you must be one hairy fellow to be called 'toe-fur" :P

    And clearly considering that you are still alive after all the collisions you've had, you've got the option of a profession as a crash test dummy in case you don't get a job after your MBA! :D

    Teetotaller?? People laugh?? Hmm Wonder what they'd do to me when I say I'd rather have chocolate milkshake instead of a beer...
    But i've not exactly been a teetotaller either, I have tasted alcohol and told my friend you can keep the rest of the glass thank you! Damn now i'm thinking of a lot of things to write in my tag, but I did only 15. Neways, Another day...

    Nice post, finally, and since you lourve comments, here is a big one! :D

  16. hmm, this 25 random facts thing have started with facebook.. i'm loving it.
    If i did it on my blog too, you might accuse me of copying, but trust me, there are so many things that are similar between you n me !
    but i'v already done 50 Random Facts, so i'm goin to take off 25 from them and post :)
    And yeah, the time exams finish, feels like heaven.. mine got over today, so i'v got lots to write now :)

  17. hey i found one thng thts similar ie no.1 abt being comfy chatting online :P

  18. Tags, atleast. Chris, now i'm getting to know you a bit more. Blog some more now that you're on vacation ohkie flubber. I'll drop in everyday, i promise.

  19. Neat! We've all gotten to know you a li'l better.
    Nice to meet ya!

  20. "24.I started blogging only to kill depression."

    same here :)

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. OMG! You are so much like me...esp the 'teacher forcing to talk' one and drinking loads of water...

    My teachers even complained about me 'not talking' to my parenst in eevry parent-teacher meeting :P

    and yeah i probably dont sweat as much :P ;)

  23. we grow up. we change.

    all of it is amazing. we know why you started writing poems :P and what you did to the best one you've ever written.

    and pls, i think life is better without specs!

    nicknames are amazing, they bond us closer to people.

    and hell, you Really have a witty bone, belieme :)


  24. Hey Chris good that you shared some points about your self I feel I know you better now.

    ps You dont have to drink and dance to enjoy parties!!!lolz

    (¯`•.•´¯) (¯`•.•´¯)
    *`•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸.•´* ♥
    ★ º ♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ º ★.¸¸.•´¯`•.¸¸.☂☆

  25. same here with no 17 and 18...
    nice list...

    i like such lists, thinkin of writing one too on my blog, inspired by this one, probably on x no of things to do before u die.

  26. Don't know how I missed this post... :) But great to know a bit about you ...

    Be more careful since you are accident prone :) Don't worry about the glasses bit, it's not that great to begin with. It's nice that you are so kind hearted and caring. Great that your interest in music and poems has increased :D :))

    Please update your posts more frequently than this . Great to hear your take on things ...

    Though I noticed you haven't written about your take on romance here .. hehe


  27. Point no.22 is what I loved! Welcome to the club buddy!

  28. u kno wat... we r quite similar in may ways... m a teetotaller myself, cant dance.. and not an avid party-booper... quite reserved with people i dnt kno much... and can go on and on wid close frnds...
    ohh sorry haan... mai apne baare mei hi bole ja ra hu... see.. wat did i tell u/
    got d clue!

  29. :P -->>>'19'->im in the club too!!!
    n for 25 -->>>i love em tooo!!!so just dropped by!!;)
    nice random things about a totally random person!

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