Thursday, 31 August 2017


I Stand At The Foot Of The Hills,
Sapped, Drenched, Hungry, Full Of Despair, 
Gazing Dis-spiritedly At The Summit,
And The Vast Rocky Expanse Leading Up To It.

But Soon As The Orange Sun Emerges,
From Behind The Imposing Peaks Of Green,
And Begins To Bathe The Azure Sky,
In Hues of Orange, Purple and Gold.
And As The Sun's Shiny Gilded Rays,
Begin To Seep In Through Slits And Crevices,
Created By The Lazy Lifting,
Of The Woollen Blanket From The Luscious Lofty Hills.

I Wait For 'God's Fingers'
To Gently Cast An Even Sheet Over Me,
And I Wait For The Warmth Of Those Heavenly Rays,
To Dry Out, Renew And Rekindle My Sappy Spirit.

Crepuscular Rays: Rays of sunlight that appear to radiate from the point in the sky where the sun is located, especially those that stream through gaps in clouds or between other objects.

Please feel free to leave comments, whether or not you liked what you read. It's a great way to start a conversation or a dialogue. I might be pretty boring in real life, but I promise I'm a lot more fun in this avatar.

A big thank you to Vidya Nidhi from Bangalore for allowing me to use this wonderful image clicked by her. The photo of Crepuscular Rays was clicked in Munnar, Kerala. Vidya Nidhi is pursuing a Masters' Degree in Psychology at Montfort college, Bangalore. She loves traveling, cooking, and reading. She attributes her interest in psychology to her curious nature. Her Instagram URL is

I would also like to take this opportunity to share something with you. I have nominated my blog for IndiBlogger's Indian Blogger Awards 2017. I have nominated my blog for 5 award categories, namely Humour, Memoirs, Short Stories, Poetry and Self Improvement. Although the determination of award winners of blogs will largely depend on evaluation by an esteemed jury, about 20% of the scoring will be based on testimonials sent by readers/fans. So if you've ever liked what you've read from my blog, now's the time to show it some love by clicking the link and leaving a testimonial/comment.

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  1. Awesome work.Just wished to drop a comment and say i'm new your journal and adore what i'm reading.Thanks for the share

  2. I am extraordinarily affected beside your writing talents, Thanks for this nice share.


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