Monday, 1 May 2017


When You're Broken And Desolate - Both Outside And Within

When Both 'Loyal' Friends And 'Faithful' Foes Have Decided To Move On

When Memories From The Glorious Past Are Labelled As 'Folklore'
And 'Incredible Figments Of Dope-Induced Imagination'

When Wood, Steel, Hinges And Bolts Are All Taken Apart
And Even The Varnish Has Been Scraped Out From The Skeletal Facade

When Urine And Spittle Are The Only Tribute You Are Now Afforded

When You Are Conspicuous Only Because Of The Stench Of Rotting Remnants Of What Used To Be

When You Are Reduced To Naught And Now Have Nothing More To Lose...

...Perhaps It Is Worthwhile To Let Your Guard Down.

Please feel free to leave comments, whether or not you liked what you read. It's a great way to start a conversation or a dialogue. I might be pretty boring in real life, but I promise I'm a lot more fun in this avatar.

Today's superb image is courtesy Talha Hashmi from Lahore, Pakistan. Talha has earned an Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) certification, and is an Oracle Functional Consultant by profession. He considers photography to be his passion and loves using his talent to spread positive vibes about Pakistan's rich culture, traditions and values. During the course of our small collaboration, he expressed his love and respect for India, which he considers his 'second home'. It is heartwarming to witness such love and camaraderie amid a scenario where our respective political leaders are only busy adding salt (and acid) to wounds on the other side. Talha is an amazing photographer, you should see his work. His Instagram URL is

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  1. Beautiful poem and exceptionally beautiful composition. That is just brilliant. Impressed with your skills. Keep up the good work bro. Much love from pakistan :)

    1. Glad you liked it Talha. You're an amazing photographer and I love your work. Would love to work with you again :)

  2. Excellent .... :) u have so much depth in ur write - ups . amazing :)

  3. You write absolutely beautifully!Glad to connect through indiblog :)

  4. Man I wish I could write like you.

  5. Loved the last line of the poem.
    So often we are too scared to let our guard down.


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