Sunday, 12 March 2017


You Get Them To Sign On The Dotted Line
We Need You, You Say, With Us You Will Shine
There's Plenty To Gain, Your Future's Secure
All We Need Are Your Spirit And Our Foolproof Design

You Lay Down Your Rules, You Tell Them Their Roles
You Replace Their Dreams With Organisational Goals
And In Return For Paychecks And Opportunities
You Get Them To Pledge You Their Lives And Their Souls

You're Awesome, You Say, You're A Valuable Asset
You Tell Them The Profits Are Worth All The Stress
You Tell Them That Families And Loved Ones Can Wait
And You Oil Your Machines With Their Blood, Tears And Sweat

But One Day When The Margins Erode
Due To Strategic Goof-Ups Or Macro-Economic Woes
You Summon Them And Say Ain't Personal, Please Understand
You've Been Amazing, But Now It's Time To Go!

And Then You Proceed On Your Vacation To Rio...


  1. It's sad and yet so true! So many out there, working day and night, building projects through their sweat and blood. It's high time they realize that these companies only look for their own good. Hope everything's going good at your end :)

  2. Ah ha! I can relate to it. Enjoyed reading it. :)

  3. This is beautifully written!! Superb!

  4. That was so well put Chris! It's always fun catching up with your writing!

  5. But then you tell yourself..I set my own goals, I worked hard to achieve them..I did myself proud.

  6. So awesomely expressed. They say "don't take it personally", as if that will change everything make it all ok.

  7. I love your style, You're very talented.


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