Tuesday, 1 November 2016


We've Had Enough
'Tis Time To Act Tough
We'll Call Your Bluff
Let's Go To War!

You Killed Twenty Four
Yeah, We're Keeping Score
We're Coming For More
Let's Go To War!

War's A Bloody Affair
But We Don't Really Care
Got Plenty Of Soldiers To Spare
Let's Go To War!

You Go Get Your Missiles From China
We'll Get Some Jets From Russia
Let's Both Get Some Guns From America
Let's Go To War!

We Both Have Millions Starving
But Our Defence Budget's Always Rising
Like Cricket and Hockey, A Win On Yet Another Field Will Be Rewarding
Let's Go To War!

Let Innocents Fall
Let The Children Bawl
Let's Kill Us All
Let's Go To War!


  1. Within the forest of elephant, deer & lion
    Deer wants a life in peaceful heaven
    Lion acts inline with it's nature in vein
    Let's either fight it or Go to war..:)

    1. The problem here is that there are 2 forests and both have lions that are baying for each other's blood, but it's the elephants and deer on both sides that get killed in the bargain.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. Sorry for the late response :)


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