Tuesday, 26 July 2016


We Spend Our Lives
Trying To Make Things Better
For Ourselves
For Our Kin
For Everyone Who Depends On Us

In The Bargain
We Are Expected
To Keep People Happy
To Keep The Cash Registers Ringing
To Keep The Wheels Turning
And To Build Empires
With Our Sweat
With Our Blood
With Our Bones

So While Living His Piddly Mortgaged Life
A Man Slowly Comes To Realise
That He Is Nothing But A Statistic
A Provider For His Family
A Resource At His Workplace
A Taxpayer To His Government
Just One Friend Among Countless Others
A Whipping Boy For Those Who Weild Power

And When This Man Eventually Dies
He Gets Reduced To Nothing But
A Corpse In The Morgue
Two Minutes Of Silence
A Picture On The Wall
A Tombstone In The Graveyard
An Urn of Bones And Ash
A Claim To Be Settled
A Record To Be Cleared
A 'Late' Entity

Such A Shame
That All The Statistic Wanted To Do All His Life
Was To Make All The Pages He Featured In
Look Healthy And Formidable
But At The End Of It All, He Is Ultimately Struck Off
And Life Goes On
Like He Never Ever Existed....