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It's June, and Indians (most of us) are eagerly awaiting the first showers of the Monsoon. Very soon, we'll be taking in the smell of wet earth and reaching out for our umbrellas. But that's not the only thing that's going to happen in June 2016. This June, Japanese auto maker Nissan will be launching its latest car in India under the Datsun brand. The eagerly-awaited car is the Datsun Redi-Go. The soon-to-be-launched car is being promoted as a car with the 'drivability of a hatchback and the ruggedness of a sports utility vehicle (SUV)'. In other words, it is being promoted as India's first ever Urban Cross car. For the uninitiated, a crossover or a crossover utility vehicle is a jacked-up hatchback vehicle that combines features of an SUV like high ground clearance, tall interiors, high centre of gravity, independent rear suspension, superior fuel economy, among others. What's more, the car will also be available at affordable rates.
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When it comes to looks, the Redi-Go is quite attractive, stylish and sporty. The high-mounted chrome grille up front, obviously gem-inspired and with an eye-catching honeycomb design, and the headlights flanking it, that turn at the edges give the car a wonderful sturdy look. With Yukan design, the car is compact and sleek, and yet looks robust.

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There are many features that make the car stand out. The three features that appeal to me the most are as follows:-

1) High Stance and High Ground Clearance
Considering the kind of roads in India and the general quality of driving sense that prevails, the design of the car has been well thought out. The high stance of the car allows for a good all-round and wider view of the road and surroundings while driving. Also, the car has an impressive 185 mm ground clearance, which can help avoid slightly higher road obstacles, making it one of the best around. This is absolutely ideal for Indian roads.

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2) Spacious Interiors
The car's interiors are amazing. For a fairly tall guy like me (with an equally tall family), sufficient headroom and legroom. The Datsun Redi-Go is big on space, affording enough and comfortably seating space for a family of five and their luggage. Apart from the ample space, the car is also furnished with luxurious sporty fabric for extra comfort. There is ample space on the dashboard as well, with roomy cubby holes, cup holders, a large bottle holder, and other cabinets provided. The volume of space provided is estimated to be around 222 litres. The dashboard also provides for air-bags, which are very necessary in terms of safety measures to protect against accidents.

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3) Digital Dashboard and Indicators
The dashboard is absolutely innovative in my eyes, because I personally have never seen anything like this before. The dashboard houses a digital tachometer. The drive computer helps keep manage fuel efficiency. For novices like me, who are yet to learn when and how to shift gears, the gear-shift indicator comes as a saviour.

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Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

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