Thursday, 28 April 2016


On The Land Of My Brethren That's Always Red
Under The Sky Where A Million Men Bled
I Fall In Battle And Am Left For Dead
And I Know O'er My Grave Not A Tear Shall Be Shed

As My Body Goes Numb And My Throat Goes Dry
And Vultures Circle In The Sky
I Bid My Brothers A Quick Goodbye
I Close My Eyes And Hope To Die

But Soon, To End My Misery
A Young And Lovely Valkyrie
Declares Me Free For Eternity
Valhalla's Going To Welcome Me

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  1. It's absolutely passionate and a reality beyond the materialistic body expressed so well:)

  2. That is a gorgeous poem! What does Valhalla mean?

    1. Thanks Shesha :)

      Valhalla, according to Norse mythology, is a place where the God Odin dwells and where brave Warriors who die in combat are taken to after death, for eternity.


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