Tuesday, 19 April 2016


Once upon a time, there was a blogger named CRD. He did not blog as often as many others, because somehow, he could write stuff only when he was overcome with emotions. According to him, every post needed to be well thought out, pondered upon for hours and edited and re-written a dozen times. - whether positive or negative. This way, he delivered a maximum of 20 blog posts a year, but he was happy and content with his stuff. Life was good.

Then one day, he decided to take up the A to Z Challenge - April 2016. The challenge required him to post on every single day in the month (barring Sundays). This was in stark contrast to his writing style, because he thought he could not write impromptu. Nevertheless, he eventually reckoned he needed to post with more regularity, and therefore he decided to take up the challenge. 

Initially, he managed to do a decent job. He mustered up a lot of pain and efforts to come up with the first 14 posts, ranging from the letters A to N. Of course, there were a couple of awfully shitty posts along the way, but he was delighted to have written a few posts that he was damn proud of as well.

As expected, however, along came the letter O and put a spanner in his smooth run. Suddenly, CRD did not know what to write about. To be fair to him, he did narrow down on a few possible topics to write about - Oxymorons, Oxygen, Omelette - but he couldn't proceed with them. He thought he might probably post something on these topics in the near future, but today? Oh no, not today. Today was a really bad bland boring day.

It sure was an off day.

Wish me better luck for tomorrow. Peace out and good night.

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A - Arsenal


  1. Awww you know even this post of yours is pretty interesting. I was in jitters yesterday too and wrote something else this morning and published something else this afternoon! Even I have no clue about tomorrow... Living on the edge! :D
    Best of luck!
    Really loved this one! :D

  2. I'm not a big fan of the A to Z thing. It kind of works against the very intrinsic nature of the art. Indeed, I feel that most of the posts that are being churned out rather factory-like are really bad writing. I've witnessed people moaning about their inability to post "on time" or "catch up" or having to "finish this post before I sleep", and I can only shake my head. I did not sign up officially for the contest either, but I am doing it on my own terms. I enjoy reading your posts, even though I don't comment as much as you'd like either. That said, they [your posts] retain that sense of novelty and originality that is missing in most others. Keep it up, bud.

  3. I thought it was a great post! It's tough writing every day like this, but that's what makes it a challenge, I guess. :)

    I think of blogging like a light, casual conversation...maybe that will make posting easier?

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post! I agree A to Z drains out creativity after a point. But that's the challenge right?

  5. Its indeed a challenge.... After working the whole day in office.... to come up with creative ideas isn't easy.... But u have the ability to do it..... Keep writing.... We enjoy reading ur blogs.


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