Wednesday, 13 April 2016


Yours truly was born in Kuwait in the early 80s and lived there till the age of eight. In 1990, my parents brought me, my younger brother and younger sister on a summer vacation to India. Mid-way through our vacation, the Iraq invasion of Kuwait took place, and we had to stay back in India.

Dad went back to Kuwait after a few months, and Mom went to Oman to give us a decent livelihood. But me and my siblings stayed back in India and continued our education here. Eventually Dad and Mom came back in 1994 and we've all lived together since then.

If you ask me what I remember about my life in Kuwait, I'd say maybe our house, our phone number, my school, a few teachers and classmates, a few friends, and the food.

But hey, coming to India was the best thing to happen to me. Ain't no place like India, no kidding!

I wouldn't mind going back to Kuwait for a short holiday though. 

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  1. you had an interesting childhood. Glad you guys were vacationing when invasion happened.

  2. Kuwait always seems so over the top in the photos - modern buildings, exotic architecture, and lots of technology. I'd love to hear one anecdote of your childhood there.
    Maui Jungalow


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