Wednesday, 6 April 2016


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I Watch Her Wait In Silence, And Soon Enough I Sense
Her Quivering Lips Coercing, It Breaks Down My Defence 
Slowly I Unravel It And Watch Her Hold Her Breath
I Hold It Right There And Wait For Her To Beg

She Doesn't Say A Word, Yet Her Lips Give Her Away
I Break The Monotony And Ruin Her Masquerade
I Let Some Fluid Leak Out And Bring It To Her Lips
Her Lips Part Very Quickly, There's Clearly No Time For Tricks

I See Her Moan In Pleasure, Her Eyes Completely Shut
Some Fluid Spills From The Corners, I'm Fuddled By The Glut  
As She Heaves In Heavy Breaths And Succumbs To The Taste
"Such Ecstasy...", I Tease Her, "...For Caramel Chocolate!!!"


  1. I enjoyed reading this. In fact I was thinking about the same topic but I dont think I could have pulled it so well. Good one

    1. You had the same idea in mind? Wow! Please get it out there someday, I'd like to know how you'd write it :)

  2. now that's an awesome write :D I enjoyed reading it :D

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