Sunday, 18 October 2015


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When All We've Ended Up With Today,
Are Long-Dead Legends For 'Redeemers',
Thugs And Murderers For Leaders,
And The Alternatives Are Simply 'Different Faces, Same Demeanour',
We're But Easy Prey, Suckers For Lousy Bait,

And Every Thing We Do Or Say,
Is Judged, And Branded 'Black' or 'White',
When To Disagree, Even Honestly, Is 'Not Quite Right',
And We'd Dare Not Ever Stand To Fight,
Lest We Find Our Lives In Dire Straits,

When All Of A Sudden,
What We Deign To Eat,
Whether Pulses & Wheat,
Or 'Holy' Meat,
Is A Question Forged To Seal Our Fate,

When Mobs Decide The Way To Go,
When Rules Protect The Weak No More,
When The Meek Are Pummeled To The Floor,
And The Helpless Find No Welcome Door,
When It's Sacrilegious To Demonstrate,

Then It's High Time To Pull Up Our Boots,
To Pump Up Our Fists,
To Raise Up Our Chins,
And In One Collective, Brazen Voice,
Bring The Guilty To Shame,
Put The Megalomaniacs In Their Right Place,
That Soon T'is Okay For Men To Debate,
And To Disagree, Without The Fear Of A Backlash Of Hate.


  1. Put The Megalomaniacs In Their Right Place,
    So That Once Again It Is Okay For Men To Debate,
    And To Disagree, Without The Fear Of A Backlash Of Hate
    Wonderful - The need of the day.

    1. Glad some of us acknowledge the reality of the present :) Thanks for visiting.

  2. Very nice CRD..... i wonder how u manage to write so well with such busy schedule at work.... very good choice of words..... apt fr ur title......really proud of u :)

  3. Bingo! Very perceptive writing.

  4. The state of our country today and hope that someday we can rise from the pettiness and speak our minds! Brilliant piece!

    1. This will have to be a collective effort. It's amazing how so many people can collectively be so blind.

      Thanks for visiting:)


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