Wednesday, 19 October 2011


People Have Hobbies.
Throwing Is A Favourite.

People Love Throwing....

Petals At Faces
Knives At Backs

Garbage Out Of Windows
Loyalty Out Of Friendships

Stones At Street Dogs
Chappals At Politicians

Rule-Books At Rebels
Mud At The Righteous

Cakes At Apes
Peanuts At Lesser Humans

Paanch-Sau Ke Notes At Sheila
Greased Utensils At Susheela

Compliments At Superiors
Tantrums At Juniors

Caution To The Wind
Towels In The Ring

Gold At Gods Of Stone
Cold Stares At The Helpless

So, What Do You Love Throwing?
P.S. – I’m taking a break from Blogging for a month...or mebbe two. Getting married in a few days from now. Will no longer be a bachelor boy the next time I post in this space. Wish me my fiancee luck :P