Wednesday, 27 April 2011


9 April 2011
Dear Diary,
Anna Hazare won his 98-hour long battle against corruption today. The government has finally bowed down to our demand to pass the Janpal Jan Lokpal Bill. Anna broke his fast with a glass of water this morning. I, Priyesh and Avantika joined thousands of other protesters who had assembled at Azad Maidan. All of us shouted out in unison when news of the government having relented broke out.

Our fight against corruption has only just begun. Down with the politicians! Damn you, ghoos-khor bastards!!

13 April 2011
Dear Diary,
I and Priyesh were on our way to our gym after work this evening in his red Chevy Beat. Our workout session usually starts at 7pm, and we were running late. So Priyesh stepped on the gas and unfortunately jumped a signal at Vakola. To make things worse, one of em moolah-hungry Paandus was immediately on our tail. He let us go only after Priyesh pulled out a 'shambhar-chi' note. I'm upset with our system. And I'm damn pissed with Priyesh. Can't believe the loser was with me at Azad Maidan only a few days ago 'fighting' corruption. Bloody Hypocrite!

19 April 2011
Dear Diary,
It's appraisal time at work, and suddenly everyone's sticking their noses around our boss' backside. Too bad I'm not used to ass-kissing. Avantika has been wearing low-necked tops since a week now. She's been frequenting the boss' cabin a lot of late. Last I heard, she's invited him for dinner during this weekend. So glad I'm not a manipulator like she is. What a whore!

24 April 2011
Dear Diary,
Going to meet Saloni's parents tonight. She told them about me only last night. I hope the parents like me. An extra-large bouquet and a pack of Cuban cigars should do the trick. Wish me luck!!

It's sad, but it's true. Every man wants to know the other's price.

P.S. - Howdy readers. Glad to be back after four months of hibernation. That's what love does to you. Well, I got engaged on March 13. The Facebook Badge widget on my blog stands as testimony to this event. Wedding bells will ring in October-end this year. I'm darn happy, and sometimes I think that's precisely what kept me away from writing all these days. So why did I get back to writing now? Am I sad? Hell no! The blogpost count for the year 2011 that screamed "ZERO" raised my demons.


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