Friday, 18 June 2010


When you'd ask to be walked, I'd beg for some time,
And reluctantly, but surely, take you for your walks

When you'd feel hungry and beg for a bite,
I'd pull off a chunk and give it to you

When you'd scratch shut doors and demand to be let in,
I'd gladly pull the door open for you

When you'd jump on my lap and growl like a cub,
I'd give you your daily leg massage

When you'd turn around and show me your back,
I'd scratch it for you

Whenever there was an argument and we all raised our voices,
You'd tug at our knees, and we'd shut up

When you'd jump on my bed, and ask for your space,
I'd share my pillow with you

Whenever it'd thunder, and you'd shiver, and whimper in fear,
I'd hold you close to make you feel safe

But there you were, struggling to stay alive
fighting death...creeping death,
and I could do nothing...
nothing at all...
Absolutely helpless..

Now, as you lie in your muddy grave,
completely at rest, at peace finally,
the heavens pour down, and the thunder is at its loudest.

But I know, you'll shiver no more,
nor will you whimper...

It's our turn to whimper now.

Miss You Rocky,
We Love You

Wish I could tell you one last time


  1. I love this Pet.. AWESOMELY cute.. And I really don;t know what to make of this post. Anything I say may touch a wrong chord..
    Good luck :)

  2. great pet
    so cute :)
    the third pic of ur dog is just AWESOME

    1. Thank you so much Vinayak :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks for your words of comfort :)

  4. RIP Rocky.

    P.S. Check this out, when you can:

  5. eks! poor thing... ur pet was really a cutie pie!

  6. hi, feels sorry for ur loss. I too love pets and can understand the pain after losing them.

    1. Thank you for your kind words

  7. Oh my !! He was soo cute ... A well deserved tribute to him, I'm sure.... Beautiful really !!

    God Bless !Once again, sorry for ur loss ...

    1. Yeah he was an angel. Thank you for your kind words :) And sorry for the LATE reply :)

  8. My thoughts exactly :'(


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