Monday, 1 March 2010


The place would be thronging with people in some time. He knew it well. He smacked his lips in anticipation. The larger the crowd, the bigger the body count. The chances of missing your shots also reduced significantly when the number of potential targets was large. He stayed put behind the bushes. He knew there might be others like him around, but he hoped no one else would come calling to share space - so what if there was enough space for three?
Hunters don't like sharing their spoils.

A minute later, a lone young lady came walking out of the building lobby, dressed in executive formals, all decked up, leather bag in tow. She seemed to be looking around suspiciously, as if she had a cue on what the plan was - his plan...

She was now just a few metres away from his den. He couldn't miss from here.

He felt his weapon again. It felt awesome. A sniper rifle. Brand new, smooth, well-finished.
And most importantly....fully loaded.

He pulled it out, trained it on his target, watched through the telescopic sight, and caught the moving image of the lady at the centre of the cross-hairs.

And then, when he was sure she was a goner, he pulled the trigger.


She clutched her soaking-wet, blood-red blouse.


"BURA NA MAANO, HOLI HAI!!!", he screamed, and scampered off, deep into the garden.

Wish we had one of these colored-water spewing guns when we were young. Kids today have water guns resembling Sniper Rifles, AK-47's and Kalashnikovs.
HAPPY HOLI!!! Please keep it Holy :P


  1. khee khee! I sort of re-lived those days with my bro today.. He had THE BEST water-gun I tell you! Mum spent a fortune on it... and what a little marvel the thing is! Shoots water upto 20 feet.. We never had such things when we were young...

    And your story was such fun. Sad though I already knew what was coming... that pic is a dead give-away.

    1. taking the pic off

  2. LOL!!! Your story left me grinning :D
    Though I was worried a little it would turn out to be like that story where that guy goes to an office and later has his head handed over to him on a platter :P

    Cool one, Chris! Keep em coming!!! :D

    1. Which story is this? I gotta go read my archives

  3. I knew it's gonna be that way only.

    Happy Holi!

    1. Wish you the same. Spend ur water wisely

  4. Haha good one.Surprise element was well-preserved till the end. :)

  5. LOL! I loved this one!

    Happy holi!
    And yes, please keep it HOLY. :P

  6. :) brought back memories of gr8 holies.. down south here we dont have much holies being celebrated! :(

    1. Good for you...its a pain in the ass sometimes :P

  7. Ha ha ha ha!! Vow! Great mystery story ;) ;) ;) LOL!!!! Loved the theme :)

  8. good one... didn't expect such a twist


  9. eks! i saw the pic first n the mystery was disclosed. good work btw :)

  10. Another humorous and ironical article..I thought you would be starting a serial killer kinda thread..but then after-all that's not a style of a natural humorist :)
    Liked this one too!


  11. u r a natural man !!! too gud !

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