Friday, 1 May 2009


Isn't it ironical...

  • ...that we citizens whine so much about corruption in the system, and yet would not think twice before paying a bribe just to get our work done faster, or to get out of litigation, or to avoid getting booked for traffic rule violations, etc?
  • ...that we all long for young and educated politicians, and yet none of us educated youth wanna ever be found even a mile away from a  political office?
  • ...that we elect representatives every 5 years, and most of em are seen only once in 5 years - asking for votes?
  • ...that one man's Terrorist is another's Freedom Fighter?
Why the discrimination? The people who are waging Jihad in Kashmir, the LTTE, the Bodos, are all terrorists. And so were those who fought for India's freedom using arms and killing people. 

Blunt, but true. We can't label similar people differently simply to appease our egos.
  • ...that we condemn the Taliban and their jungle-raj so much, and condemn lawless-ness, and yet label it outrageous when Terrorists like Ajmal Qasab are given a fair trial? 
We can't just go out and hang him in public...he has to be given an opportunity to defend himself, and then when he is found guilty (which he will, of course), can he be punished. When will the idiots understand this. We're a democracy damnit!!!! Everyone is equal in a democracy. Everyone deserves a trial.
  • ...that everyone's keen that Afzal Guru be hanged ASAP for attacking the Parliament, when almost all of us would fantasise doing the same thing ourselves?
I mean, imagine that, we'd have gotten rid of all the scum of the earth :P

But seriously, why is the Judgment taking soo long?
...and finally...
  • ...that International Labour Day is clebrated not by working, but by granting yet another holiday? :P.

Happy Workers' Day!!!!

When Is International Bloggers' Day??


  1. irony irony all the way... thoughtfully penned.. kudos!

  2. i don't agree with a lotta things u said..but yes it's true what u wrote about corruption. we fail to realize that a corrupt nation is nothing more than a lot of corrupt citizens. us.
    as for kasab, it's ppl's outrage at his act that's making them say things like that. dont compare it to taliban. they flog women for walking on the street. this piece of scum has commited a real crime. ther's a difference.

  3. We don all that because its convenient for us.We'd rather live a smooth life than a tough one.
    Who would go to govt departments again n again to get a small work done when in fact it could be done by bribing those idiots for a few rupees?
    Who would take the pain to get their licenses from traffic police departments when it could be done in a mere few rupees?
    Its obvious we see the politicians only once in 5 years because they want to rule us.And we call that a democracy!!
    Aren't we getting used to such lethargic life?We want to change but the corruption is so widely spread that even if we want we fail in proving ourselves.

  4. @pink orchid - hehe, thanx :)

  5. @creyzeee - oh no, you don't have to agree with everything I say.

    Of course he's committed a crime dear. And he ought to be punished. But s a democracy, we have to give him an opportunity to defend himself before he is punished. Else, how would we be any different from the self-righteous Taliban if we had to simply go out and hang him in public like our radicals are demanding?

    Also, that part about afzal was intended in humour. I wish tht guy who has waged a war on our nation is punished soon.


  6. I have an answer to the irony - we're used to paying a price and choosing a lesser evil :)

  7. @Tasneem - Yup.

    as the saying goes, jipar beet-ti hai, usi ko pata hota hai. We don't complain until we're at the recieving end

  8. @Dagny - dude, thats not a lessser evil.

    When you pay a price, you're actually keeping the beast alive. You're creating a cycle.

    You're feeding the beast. That's an even bigger evil

  9. Yep, life itself is ironical. And yes, Clearly Afzal does not know how to use a computer because if he had, he would have discovered GTA just like the rest of us! :P

  10. ironic, i agree!

    we're living in the irony of living you know. all of what you've mentioned is such a hard-bitter truth, but i wonder if we have enough guts to be the change we want to see..

    a friend has messaged some days back, we're living in the time where the pizza people can reach you in 20 minutes, and ambulances do not.

  11. at some level, i guess, some form of absolute authority is needed...

    all this is so very disenchanting...

  12. So very realistic!!

    Nicely written.


  13. we nedd to get authorotative!
    dats it! :)

    keep writing! :)

  14. Makes one think.

    The last line was a laugh :D
    Good one there!

  15. wow...u revealed all of them

  16. Chris...that was some food for thought...
    stark and brute and clear.
    awesome work buddy...

  17. hmm... there's some anger there!!
    i differ on quite a few things... like i dont think that freedom fighters were terrorists... Its the cause u r fighting for... whether it's justified or not... thats wat differs terrorists from leaders and freedom fighters...
    but ya... there is irony in plenty of things... like corruption n politics...
    i think.. we can atleast do 1 thing.. thats vote... and vote sensibly

  18. @Ash D - Hehe, true dude, true.
    Lets dispatch a stockpile of cds and desktops to militant-infested areas right away :P

  19. @.a. - LOL. Lovely irony gal!!

  20. @Jadis - Yup. It sure is :|

  21. @Where thoughts are Word$ - Thanx :)

  22. @Arush - That wouldn't help either. Nothing works with humans :P

  23. @WarmSunshine - Hehe. Thanx :)

  24. @Ankit - Nope, not all. Couldn't think of any more at that time.

  25. @Shruti - Hehe. It was intended to be a lil funny as well. Please say it was funny also..Puhleeezz :P

  26. @Pranay - Welcome back Mr Sethi.
    Dude, who's gonna judge whether a cause was righteous or not? One man's terrorist is ALWAYS another's Freedom Fighter
    Yea, we ought to vote. The turnout was worse this time around :(

  27. Well...

    I like the picture!!!

    (Yes, I've carefully chosen to NOT comment on the post coz so many people have already mentioned how well-expressed it is...)

    But then, life itself is an irony... isn't it?

  28. pretty thoughtful and witty ones there...

    somehow i need to say here that common sense is not so common afterall....

  29. i like your blog and the way you notice things which most of the people tend to ignore.

  30. @kriti - oh yea. Life sure is an irony.

    U really liked the iron pic eh? :P

  31. @ gypsy - oh yea! u bet!

    thanx for the compliment :)

  32. @prianca - hey thanx a lot. But hey, there are lotsa bloggers out there who're WAY BEtter than me. Trust me

    Thanx for the compliment though :)

  33. Nice post. I don't necessarily accept all that you write but your expression of ideas is overwhelming. Talking abt Talibans, LTTE and stuff, their ideology behind it is Dictatorship and not Democracy (which we fought for). Keep the posts coming. Wish you good luck!

  34. Well written ...

    It's amazing how people are ironical in basic nature and discrimination is like second nature to all of us ...

    I too wish workers day would have been holiday :D


  35. One man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter..Really well said..And yeah even i think we should work on international labour's day..:P..Good work..!!

  36. @gopalakrishnan - dude, the LTTE are not fighting for A dictatorship, theyre fighting for a Separate Tamil state which wud be democratic.

    And so are the Separatists in Kashmir.

    But I'm against any armed struggle in which innocents are killed.

    Thanx for your comments though :)

  37. @Adisha - Yea, we all discriminate. But not all discrimination is bad. Is only discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, race and status thts bad

  38. tru tru.. i liked d pic.. gud presence of mind!

  39. we live in a narcissist society, everything around us including us is hypocritical in one way or the other.

    we don't except the truth, we live in denial,

    when will we wake-up....may be now....may be never.

  40. yeah it was actually stupid for people to come out against qasabs fair trial.but then again its a democracy.let them have their say too.but still it was stupid.
    I dont really believe in all these may day and valentines day and any other special days.It was created by someone who saw some benefit for him/her.
    doesnt really matter if its a holiday or not.
    and about corruption.corruption will always be there as long as we are ruled by any form of govt.
    none bribes without any reason.we bribe to remove a govt regulation or to speed up the process.
    bribery will always be there.accept it or else we might actually need a taliban like dictatorial govt that tells that if you accept bribe your hands will be chopped off.

    Arun Rafi

  41. Very good post, but I have a thing to say here. (If I WOULDN'T have had something to say, it would have been surprising... such a thought-provoking post)

    The problem with giving Qasab a fair trial is that there is a very high chance the trial might drag on for years (what with the defendant lawyer using 'delaying tactics'); and he might even be acquitted. Yes, I have no faith in this judiciary of ours...

  42. ...that everyone's keen that Afzal Guru be hanged ASAP for attacking the Parliament, when almost all of us would fantasise doing the same thing ourselves?

    Too Good! Hats off.

    And we don need a blogger's day... Coz we don need to take a leave from blogging!

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