Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I was back home, tired from a day of hard work. Damn STUPID clerical work, but hard work. The heat this summer has been unbearable, which is why I'm glad I haven't had to go on field visits (not in farming lingo) yet. I took off my shoes, pelted them at the shoe shelf, ditto with my socks, minus the thud, went to the kitchen, opened the refrigerator, pulled out the coldest 2 litre bottle my hands could feel and began filling my tank. 

Got the bottle out to the living room. Switched on the TV and watched the Knight Riders beat the Rajasthan Royals in between long swigs, and munched on some roasted Moong Dal.

And then I felt it. I could feel it rush through my nostrils. It touched every corner of my nostrils on its way down. It filled my lungs. The rusty smell made me nostalgic. I'd been waiting for this ever since summer began.



Saturday, 16 May 2009



My Blog, once known as DREAM ARENA, and now SCRIPTED IN SANITY, is 2 years old now. Never knew that It'd grow to be 2 when I started out.

Hope to see many more birthdays :)

Keep the greetings coming :P

Saturday, 9 May 2009


This was something I, and a now out-of-touch netpal and blogger, Rohini had drawn together on one of our many Yahoo Messenger Doddle sessions, more than a year back. The red half is hers, and the white part is mine.

I don't quite remember what her part means, but lemme explain my part of the doodle. I've made a clock, with 4 quadrants. Each quadrant, as you can see, is showing a different emotion. Life is always like that, we have seasons of sorrow, of fear, of anger, of joy, etc. So lemme title my part as "Life-Time".

Dunno what to name Rohini's part. I leave it to the readers. 


Friday, 1 May 2009


Isn't it ironical...

  • ...that we citizens whine so much about corruption in the system, and yet would not think twice before paying a bribe just to get our work done faster, or to get out of litigation, or to avoid getting booked for traffic rule violations, etc?
  • ...that we all long for young and educated politicians, and yet none of us educated youth wanna ever be found even a mile away from a  political office?
  • ...that we elect representatives every 5 years, and most of em are seen only once in 5 years - asking for votes?
  • ...that one man's Terrorist is another's Freedom Fighter?
Why the discrimination? The people who are waging Jihad in Kashmir, the LTTE, the Bodos, are all terrorists. And so were those who fought for India's freedom using arms and killing people. 

Blunt, but true. We can't label similar people differently simply to appease our egos.
  • ...that we condemn the Taliban and their jungle-raj so much, and condemn lawless-ness, and yet label it outrageous when Terrorists like Ajmal Qasab are given a fair trial? 
We can't just go out and hang him in public...he has to be given an opportunity to defend himself, and then when he is found guilty (which he will, of course), can he be punished. When will the idiots understand this. We're a democracy damnit!!!! Everyone is equal in a democracy. Everyone deserves a trial.
  • ...that everyone's keen that Afzal Guru be hanged ASAP for attacking the Parliament, when almost all of us would fantasise doing the same thing ourselves?
I mean, imagine that, we'd have gotten rid of all the scum of the earth :P

But seriously, why is the Judgment taking soo long?
...and finally...
  • ...that International Labour Day is clebrated not by working, but by granting yet another holiday? :P.

Happy Workers' Day!!!!

When Is International Bloggers' Day??