Monday, 16 February 2009


Okay, was really desperate to post something on V-Day! Two days late, I know..but then what the heck? This aint even a fresh post. Its almost 3 years old, written sometime in mid-2006. Never wanted to post this ever, but the reason I didn't want to post it doesn't hold any significance anymore...I think...

So here goes...

Kyun Dil Ke Is Nagar Mein
Hai Kabza Kisi Aur Ka?
Kyun Neend Hai Meri Khud Ki
Par Sapna Kisi Aur Ka?

Kyun Khud Ki Saji Mehfil Mein
Chaahun Saath Kisi Aur Ka?
Kyun Zindagi Ki Dhoop Mein
Chaahun Saaya Kisi Aur Ka?

Duaon Mein Bhi Meri
Kyun Hai Naam Kisi Aur Ka?
Kyun Aaine Mein Meri
Hai Aks Kisi Aur Ka?

Khud Pe Kaabu Na Raha
Hai Aalam Ab Kuch Aisa
Zindagi Khud Ki na Rahi
Wajood Ho Gaya Kisi Aur Ka !!

---- CLY (Still....Don't Ask Me Why? I Dunno)



  1. Beautifully written and very sentimental.Good to see your blog updated.
    The last dance

  2. this was really heartfelt post .. loved the simplicity :) glad to see your blog updated :)

  3. Pehli baar mile hain aapke iss pehlu se...aur maashallah kya kahein! Excellent brother...I particularly admire people who write Hindi poetry because it has been my long cherished dream. I often try but end up with comical stuff! Very sweet. :)

    Bhai, likhte raho. :)

    PS-I hope everything's fine there. :)

  4. What a blog...
    Mesmerized @-)
    Keep Blogging...

  5. badiya post.....
    valentine day ka asar padh hi gaya....

    keep writing....

    hows yr eye now :O ??

  6. hey! gud one! i wud like more 4 lines to it...Hope u'll like it.

    kabu rakho tum apne khud pe
    zindagi pe ilzaam na do kisi aur ka
    aalam khud hi badal jayega
    woh kisi aur ki, Tum kisi aur ka!

    hehe :P

  7. you are bitten by some bug from the rug!

  8. Hey, do watch Dev D... I think u might like it, cos its received favorable responses from my guy friends!!! And yeaah, Abhay Deol could very well be the best actor in the film industry today. Acting was amazing, by all leadin actors. Lemme know how u found it, tho... am keen to know another person's point of view.

  9. kyon hota hai pyaar ?! :D

    Lovely !!! I wish this was Really true of love all around ...


  10. ok...looks like its my turn to say "someone is in love"
    or should I say 'was'?
    well...anyway...nice post...very javed akhtar-gulzary

  11. hey good tht atleast u had something tht u jus put it up and voila heres a new post..dont knw hw much ur love progressed but hey..see the brighter side..u hv one additional post without havin to think tht much..

  12. Hey Chris... nice poem man... I am commenting after a long time dude... mood aacha kar diya...

    keep it up.

  13. Wow man you're a shayar!! Nice nice very nice. Darn sweet. And pretty heartfelt too.

  14. nice poem buddy! :)

    u always need sum1 to share ur feelings wd, no matter who he/she is!!

    cheers! :)

  15. Nice poem, with lots of empathy, which is essential for any writer to become a good writer.
    But very clearly, this is rather personal. You were in love with someone sometime, but that phase has passed. Well, no worries, you'll find someone else soon enough. Take heart.

  16. lovely work. beautifully written. keep posting!

  17. @Cutest Angel - Hey, thanx :). Yeah, good to see for me as well ;)

  18. @Pretty - Thanx gal. You've disappeared from Bloggeratti. Naraaz ho kya? :(

  19. @Tara - Hanji, bilkul, sab khairiyat hai :)

  20. @Vitruvian - Hehe, o nahi yaar.
    Valentine day par Mujhe Asar KArna tha :P

  21. @Knatchbulley - Knatch MEri Bulbul ki paisa milega :P
    YEh kya tha? Missed Comment? :P

  22. @Sunflower - Wah, So practical.
    Chee, aajkal ki larkiyan aisi kyun hai? :P

  23. @Sorcy - Abey, tu phir aa gaya, makodey kahin ke :P

  24. @Asha - Yea, Abhay is an unconventional and good actor.
    Another good actor was Akshaye Khanna, but he's being wasted with stoopid roles.

  25. @Adisha - Hehe. IT IS!!! Start mein yahi toh hota hai :P

  26. @Nidhi Seethapathi - Oh no gal, if it was Javed Akhtary, your reading of this post would be obstructed by lotsa droplets on your screen. You know how he showeres while speaking, dontcha? :P

  27. @Sidhartha - Thanx a lot dude :)

  28. @crasiezt - Thank you jee :)

  29. @Arush - Yea. Right now I need readers to share my feelings with :P
    Thanx man :)

  30. @Appy - Bap rey, aap toh gyaani hain, antaryaami hain :P
    Thanx for the compliments dear :)

  31. @Shruti Mukundan - Thanx dear. Will do that :)

  32. this was really from the heart i guess...very imaginative:)

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