Monday, 16 February 2009


Okay, was really desperate to post something on V-Day! Two days late, I know..but then what the heck? This aint even a fresh post. Its almost 3 years old, written sometime in mid-2006. Never wanted to post this ever, but the reason I didn't want to post it doesn't hold any significance anymore...I think...

So here goes...

Kyun Dil Ke Is Nagar Mein
Hai Kabza Kisi Aur Ka?
Kyun Neend Hai Meri Khud Ki
Par Sapna Kisi Aur Ka?

Kyun Khud Ki Saji Mehfil Mein
Chaahun Saath Kisi Aur Ka?
Kyun Zindagi Ki Dhoop Mein
Chaahun Saaya Kisi Aur Ka?

Duaon Mein Bhi Meri
Kyun Hai Naam Kisi Aur Ka?
Kyun Aaine Mein Meri
Hai Aks Kisi Aur Ka?

Khud Pe Kaabu Na Raha
Hai Aalam Ab Kuch Aisa
Zindagi Khud Ki na Rahi
Wajood Ho Gaya Kisi Aur Ka !!

---- CLY (Still....Don't Ask Me Why? I Dunno)