Thursday, 1 January 2009


Another year has passed since I last made "New Year's Resolutions". And watched them all being broken shamelessly :P. Spent New Year's Eve sleeping...exactly the way I wanted to spend it :P. I so HATE parties.

Okay, so my Resolutions for the year 2009, many of em(almost all of em :P) carried forward from the previous year. Pardon me for sounding like an accountant :p
  1. I resolve to get rid of all my scalp hair in phases. I have no hopes now of salvaging my thinning mane. Better to look like Amrish Puri than to look like Rajat Sharma.
  2. No more poems. Atleast for this year. I laugh at them whenever I read em now :P
  3. People say I bob my head a lot while speaking. F**king shit, got to get rid of it!
  4. I shall not give too much importance to people who don't deserve it. Tuhis one is not gonna be as difficult as it was the last year :d
  5. I shall learn to dance. Brought-forward item. Told ya you'll be seeing this in my next Resolution List.:p
  6. But this time I'm desperate, coz I'm the Best Man for my cousin's wedding on Jan 31st. Scary :O
  7. Got to learn atleast one musical instrument. Didn't happen the last year. Damn!!
  8. I've got to learn to say "NO" to people. Even if I have to be rude! I'm Serious!
  9. I Resolve not to beg people to visit my blog.....

There, I've cancelled a Resolution already :P



  1. Well well well... Some resolutions those!

    Bonne chance mon ami!

    You bob your head..? Reminds me of a Russell Peters joke - when he takes a dig at the way Canadians bob their heads while speaking. ;)

    Gauisus Novus Annus ! ! !

    Peace. Take care. Be well.

  2. Oh my god.. 2 of ur resolutions match mine :D
    The dancing and the language thing..:D
    Nice blog.. I hope you keep upto your resolutions this year..

  3. ah.. resolutionzz...

    let me come back after a week to see each one of the broken...

    :-) adios amigo..

  4. I've got to learn to say "NO" to people. Even if I have to be rude! I'm Serious!

    I always Say "No" to resolutions..
    Learn from me.
    Learn from the leader!

  5. hehe..Most of my resolutions 'So match' with urs!! Cant tell u which ones though!! Do all Capris hate parties n got two left feet??!

  6. lol. You sound so cute in that!

    Shave your head off, eh? Interesting... :P Do whatever, dont ape the ghajini look. Ewww..

    Oh and you forgot one resolutionm : "I shalt not be a copy-cat and repeat them next year too."...three years will be a long time to not change ;)


  7. hey CRD, thanks for droppin bi my blog...

    Just saw ur comment n im here......

    u hv got a pretty cool blog.......

    u mind if i add u and read u :)

  8. sleeping in. that's the best way to welcome in the new year. parties are sooo over-rated anyways :)

  9. Hmmm new year resolutions....

    i too hate parties.... :-/
    m luv sleeping :P
    y no poems??
    i ws lukin fwd to sum more frm u....
    learning how to say difficult u have to...
    bcz if u don' cn make ur life miserable...
    i hv learnt it with difficulty n m still nt good at it.... :-S

    n ur last one ws sort of impossible....u did good to say no to it at the spot :P

    best wishes for this year...


  10. Hiya chrissyyy... New Year Resoulutions Man I never make any.

    Was fun reading urs though. So Dancin eh...looks like u have to get a crash course :P All the bst

    Ohh and Happpyyyy New year To U


  11. hey the ninth resolution is a very tough one. even i find it difficult to say 'no' to people.

  12. Ahem ahem. What resolutions..must say ;)
    Dancing? Arrrrr..dn't learn it..get some freaky moves all by me, its fun =P
    I resolved fr the last one as wel..but I've already broken it. *damn!
    Bob your head?? Err err er.........rrrr..
    Don't worry abt the thinning mane btw. Go for the Ghajini look. Aw mahn,its sexy :\ (Lmao. Okay, m not serious)

    You don't need resolutions, life as it comes! ;)

  13. some good resolutions :) hee hee how many have you broken already???

  14. lol ! yeah that aapki adalat guy's hair 'cut' is funny

    all the best...hope you manage to turn into a fantassstic dancer

  15. wow too many resolutions u r gonna be a revolution if u follow these as for me i dont hav any resolutions bcoz i cant stand on them.......after all rules resolutions are meant to break

    good piece man good luck and happy new year

  16. PS-Got nothing to do with the post, sorry didn't read it, but I will when my exams finish... :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! May this year be a great one, bringing in lots of good news and be one full of cheer. Keep blogging, keep rocking! God will be with my sweetest brother always, and will guide you in the right direction and bless you with things you need. Happy birthday once again! There was no way I could miss your birthday brother! Have fun. Be good. Be happy. :)

    Your lil sis :)

  17. HAHAHA.. very funny post dude! and Happy Birthday :)

  18. hahaha!

    Belated happy birthday Mr. Grown up!
    to date i have made a good 25 resolutions, planned to make a good 100 by end of this week.

    3-4 resolution to hamesha todtay hain kya bore, is baar 100 todain gay tu maza ayay ga :D

    LoL. when i was young, (which means i started with aaccounts, and when i started facing hairfall and since the time perfectly matched i accused it to accounts,) people used to say 'accountants to ganjay hutay hain' and i wonder at this, Damn i dont want to be the third bald woman! (after BS and Shabana azmi of course :P )

    I plan to write poems now. 3 long years of prose ergh. I am learning rhyming. send your poetic muse to me please? (not through your dialup though, me stuck with dialup too!!!! damnnnnnn!!! i hope the cable gets well soon, amen !)

    for bobbing head? tell the people Actions, speak louder than words ;)

    brought fwd, carried fwd, get over it man :S, you're grown up now, a good 27 year old!! please accept it :P

    best man :D

    musical instrument? start whistling! But lerkioun kay gher say bach ke, specially those who have half dozen pehelwan brothers :P else we'll have to depreciate you in one go and throw the scrap as obsolete!

    learning no! yes :) being too sweet itself is too awful, it can almost kill.

    Dont beg, just request :P

    hehe, happy new year to you too,

    wishes, asbah.

  19. happy 2009!

    leeme see for how long u stick to them!!

  20. HNY to you too mate!

    Jan 31st ain't too far away..good luck for that:-)

    It is difficult to say no, but only to those you care about, coz you don't wanna hurt/offend them in any way..but there are times when you just have to..I've sort of learnt it..and hope you will too!!

    Do post pictures of your shaved head:D

  21. Happy New Year :)

    So you need to learn to waltz? Great (I totally approve), I could've helped you out with it if you lived anywhere near.

  22. And u missed out the "I WILL TOLERATE CLOSE UPS" part :P

  23. heyy!!! sorry...its been long i visited blog or gmail...
    and um so fu@king guilty i dint even wish u on ur b'day...
    i cant wish u a 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'...but i wish you a lot of happy days this year...
    n wat?? u hate parties??
    ~shall not give too much importance to people who don't deserve it.
    didn't resolve about it but yes i will follow it...AND DO IT..
    pakka se..
    dance...hmmmmbest! sounds interesting...
    n if u hav to learn an instrument plz let it be issues if u hav planned some other but if not consider guitar..(impresses gurlz a lot :P)
    the last one??u dont even need to...hah!
    have a rocking NEW YEAR!

  24. i think that last begging one had a loud echo... i heard it and i dunno why but i came :)

    all the best fulfilling every one of them this year!

  25. please check out my resolutions!

  26. Hey that shaving your head part, u cld try the BOSS, Mottai boss look of Rajini in Shivaji! :P

  27. even i bob my hair, and it must be exasperating for those around me, i never realized it. uhh...

    well nice and candid resolutions.

    may u don't lose the real you while chasing to extinguish your characteristic habits and features.

  28. gud luck with ur resolutions bro..

    Happy 2009..


  29. Happy New Year to you too !!!

    Well, promises are meant to be broken ;) but I'm sure you'll try to stick to Some of your resolutions this year.


  30. lolzz.. that was funny!!! n man! 31 comments? awesome! i never get so many :(

  31. well...if you have yet not begun your dance and musical instrument classes and looking out for a parter, do call me cause I intend to start these things atleast before December 31, 2009!!!!!!!!!

  32. You still write poems! :D one resolution gone down the drain!

  33. Thats a cool one! I'm interested in knowing how you came off on your cousin's wedding! And hey, how many of these babies have you broken so far? :P

  34. 'Better to look like Amrish Puri than to look like Rajat Sharma.'
    Good post! Keep it up!

  35. #I shall not give too much importance to people who don't deserve it.#
    #I've got to learn to say "NO" to people. Even if I have to be rude!#
    I make resolutions on a daily basis, forget them on a daily basis...liked this 1 ;)


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