Thursday, 22 January 2009


Finally blogging after some a few weeks rest. Had an accident on Jan 5. Was playing football with a few classmates. Scored a hat-trick to bring my team from 0-3 down to a lead of make it short, I was having real fun. And then it happened. A group was playing cricket on the same ground...the batsman went full-throttle with his shot and I was running in the direction of the shot (not knowing what was coming, of course)...and thwack!!!! The ball came hard, straight onto my left eye. Couldn't see a thing when I opened my eye after a painful struggle. A visit to the doc revealed that my retina was damaged and that there was a blood clot...but thankfully, the retina specialist that the doc guided me to told me that surgery wasn't required, and that I would recover after a month or two...or maybe four..but I would definitely be able to see again.

Man!!! I can't tell how how scared I was when I first couldn't see anything...its SHIT Scary!!!

My birthday was on the 9th, and I missed college. I thought this was gonna be the most boring birthday of my life, but buddies turned up home after was lovely!! Had a blast!

Started going back to college yesterday. It aint easy, with right lights hitting you straight in the eye. But its better than staring at the celing :P

Was a lil upset today...its not a nice feeling when your friends have a split among themselves...for a reason involving you...then fight over you....and then put you in a position where you'd have to choose between them.

I wish for harmony again....

A distant memory hollers out to me and reminds me of a resolution I once made.......of not making new friends ever again...

I don't wanna choose!!!



  1. OMG what a tragic accident.Thank god retinal detachment didnt happen.Take care ,rest your eyes as much as poss and stay off the computer.

    oh yes and belated birthday wishes.May all ure wishes and dreams come true and you have much success in life.

  2. Oh I added you to my blog roll hope thats ok???

  3. Get well soon!
    and hope the problems between yr friends get sorted off soon!

    and wish u belated happy B'Day

  4. ouch abt yr eye- but good to know there's not going to be permanent damage. It sucks when you have to choose between friends but if they are 2 girls fighting over you, then you just enjoy the attention. :)

  5. I second Sangeeta.

    A belated Happy Birthday, and get well soon.

  6. ouch!!!!! that gotta hurt!!! hope you get better very soon!! i am so scared of all these things flying in the air!! birds, balls, airplanes!!! crazy!

    get well!

  7. Who is fighting and why? What i do in such a situation is tell them if you cant stand each other..Im off. I want both as a package deal. If not, then tata bye. Lets see if you love me or hate each other more! Typical girl thing to say naa?

    I repeat, Just take care of yr eye and stop winking at the pretty girls in Xav!

  8. Awww Bhai! That must have been really bad, I can understand. How are you feeling now? Get well soon. :)

  9. oucch! that wud be reeeellly-really painful...don't exert ur eye!
    cmmon boy stay away from computrz...(take my advice..this comes from someone who stills hopes to be a doctr sumday..:P)

    n a split...i understand wat a tough job it is to handle one!i hope peace prevails soon..

    take hell lot ov care..and again..take my advice...I DON'T USE IT!

  10. Met with something similar back in first yr of university. My glasses were in the way. Was lucky, to say the least. No glass pieces in the eye. Just blood, blood, blood...

    Take care. get well soon.

    Ah... Choices... You make one before it makes you!

    Peace. Be well.

  11. My Gosh! I pray you get well soon. Isn't it scary when you cannot see anything? I had one of those accidents and the doc performed a painful surgery.
    And yeah, friends can be such a pain in the a**. Hope it all gets well soon!!
    Take Care and Get Well Soon :)

  12. get well soon chris....

    hope u get over the friends problem. Don;t choose between them. Just stay calm till the problem subsides.

  13. hey! get well soon buddy! my little brother's cornea got damaged due to excessive eye-rubbing. so i know the pain of low vision, surgery and after math. anyways, belated happy b'day, may god bless u with a fine vision restoration. take care.

  14. wishing u a speedy recovery! and belated birthday greetings :)

  15. 2 girls fighting over you

    Switch off the TV
    Throw away the Game Console

    SIt back and ENJOY!!

    What more you want in life to be entertained..


  16. First of all Belated b'day wishes :-) may God bless you in abundance.....hv a wonderful year ahead...
    N wishing u a speedy recovery...Get well soon ....
    hey i knw it really sucks when u gotta choose amongst friends...well dnt think too much abt whom to choose et all...things hv a way of working out in ur favour.....
    all the best :-)

  17. whoa...scary!
    it was always my childhood fear that suddenly everything would go dark.
    get well soon! good luck with the friends!

  18. Well my good wishes as well... Hope all these have already worked on your recovery.
    Take care of yourself and thanks for commenting on my piece.

  19. Hey Chris...don't you worry, you will heal, just fine!!

    Do take good care of yourself and let me know if you require help of any sort!!!

    Happy Recovery!

  20. Hey dodo! Take care mate!

    get well soon!

  21. I'm glad you're fine and up and about already. I hope you stay fit and fine and take care of your eyes specially now onwards. :)

    Belated birthday wishes !!

    So sorry to know of your friends' spat. I think the one thing you Should do, if I may say so, is to try to find out what actually happened and play mediator. The reason being, the fight was about u :D The other thing you could do, is play neutral :) for what is friendship without a few fights. Trust me, choosing between friends who care enough about u to fight About you, are worth keeping. The solution is not to keep away from new people, but to learn from past incidents and Not let people affect you too much.

    Friendships are true when tried and tested. Be thankful that you're blessed with a lot of good friends. :D

    Cheers, keep rocking !!

  22. sumthn lyk dat happnd 2 me too ,between pals tough to straighten thngs,...dey jus havta sort out demselves.

  23. u ve gt enough f good wishes .. hope u r lookin at this wit a squint eye and a broken hand..all th best wit it..recover fast..i guess u wud have..damn :)
    bt tht really is scary wen u knw tht evrythin around u goes off and blank..happnd to me once wen i ws drownin n none saw me n it ws like th whole place went blank..i suck!!
    keep blogging..let miseries overflow sanity :)
    cheers mate :)

  24. happens, once i was through my game(basketball).. n adjacent to the court.. few guys were playing this you-give-me-googly-n-i-hit-a-high.. witnessing the stroke, i freeze.. n my mate without giving call releasd the chest pass with a power impulse.. while it didnt much passed but hit my chest n i fell down like an unbalanced pen on a glass table.. though it was a lean jerk :).. hope you get well.. dont give up.. though, im not so convinced with the new-frein's-theory.. atleast not on the courts,fields and grounds.

  25. felt sorry about the accident.. can't imagine how horrible it must have felt to walk about with a painful eye... hope that the remainder of the year brings about a lil' more than such testing situations for you


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  27. Beeeeeeelated Happy b'day :)
    and y not make new friends ?? as if u can control it :P !!

  28. Ouch! Jus read yr post! Sorry to hear that, hope u r doin alrite now...

    Yup, I know tiffs between friends are uncomfortable, but since you wrote this post a few months ago hope everything's resolved by now!

    If its not, make em remember all the good times you guys had as a team.. that should crack the ice!


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