Thursday, 22 January 2009


Finally blogging after some a few weeks rest. Had an accident on Jan 5. Was playing football with a few classmates. Scored a hat-trick to bring my team from 0-3 down to a lead of make it short, I was having real fun. And then it happened. A group was playing cricket on the same ground...the batsman went full-throttle with his shot and I was running in the direction of the shot (not knowing what was coming, of course)...and thwack!!!! The ball came hard, straight onto my left eye. Couldn't see a thing when I opened my eye after a painful struggle. A visit to the doc revealed that my retina was damaged and that there was a blood clot...but thankfully, the retina specialist that the doc guided me to told me that surgery wasn't required, and that I would recover after a month or two...or maybe four..but I would definitely be able to see again.

Man!!! I can't tell how how scared I was when I first couldn't see anything...its SHIT Scary!!!

My birthday was on the 9th, and I missed college. I thought this was gonna be the most boring birthday of my life, but buddies turned up home after was lovely!! Had a blast!

Started going back to college yesterday. It aint easy, with right lights hitting you straight in the eye. But its better than staring at the celing :P

Was a lil upset today...its not a nice feeling when your friends have a split among themselves...for a reason involving you...then fight over you....and then put you in a position where you'd have to choose between them.

I wish for harmony again....

A distant memory hollers out to me and reminds me of a resolution I once made.......of not making new friends ever again...

I don't wanna choose!!!


Thursday, 1 January 2009


Another year has passed since I last made "New Year's Resolutions". And watched them all being broken shamelessly :P. Spent New Year's Eve sleeping...exactly the way I wanted to spend it :P. I so HATE parties.

Okay, so my Resolutions for the year 2009, many of em(almost all of em :P) carried forward from the previous year. Pardon me for sounding like an accountant :p
  1. I resolve to get rid of all my scalp hair in phases. I have no hopes now of salvaging my thinning mane. Better to look like Amrish Puri than to look like Rajat Sharma.
  2. No more poems. Atleast for this year. I laugh at them whenever I read em now :P
  3. People say I bob my head a lot while speaking. F**king shit, got to get rid of it!
  4. I shall not give too much importance to people who don't deserve it. Tuhis one is not gonna be as difficult as it was the last year :d
  5. I shall learn to dance. Brought-forward item. Told ya you'll be seeing this in my next Resolution List.:p
  6. But this time I'm desperate, coz I'm the Best Man for my cousin's wedding on Jan 31st. Scary :O
  7. Got to learn atleast one musical instrument. Didn't happen the last year. Damn!!
  8. I've got to learn to say "NO" to people. Even if I have to be rude! I'm Serious!
  9. I Resolve not to beg people to visit my blog.....

There, I've cancelled a Resolution already :P