Sunday, 17 August 2008


Hey y'all...posting after ages...MMS(MBA)lectures have finally begun. Joined XIMR, which is in the highly esteemed St.Xavier's campus in Fort, Mumbai. And it also is one of the coolest(if not the coolest) colleges in Mumbai...for the B.A and B.Sc stream students atleast. We MBA students aren't exactly in Paradise, you see. Assignments, presentations, more assignments, more presentations, compulsory library hours and computer centre hours, makes up at least 25 hours of our days. In between juggling hard-on-the-mind assignments and presentations and hoping for an early leave after lectures, we get lunch and tea breaks, which we spend in the Xavier's cafeteria. Nice place, sorta keeps you in touch with the latest fashion trends, or lemme say reminds us of how dinosaur-like (100% formal) our dressing style has become. And oh...not to forget the lingo! Great place to catch up on that, or maybe remind us of how fortunate we are in this aspect.

This one happened 3 weeks ago...never quite found the time to type it out earlier, just came back from a 2-day workshop at Khandala - we had fun...mebbe I'll tell you about it on a later post - and made time to push in a post.

I'm standing at the Chaat-Corner counter, during our lunch break. I'm alone because my sis is on her phone all day, and this was the first day of the course, and I don't know anyone else. I'm waiting for my plate of fresh(read stale) delhi chaat. The place is crowded with half the human race. As I spend the waiting period glancing at the greenery (non-human :P) around, a young gum-chewing zombie comes painfully slowly towards the counter. The zombie does a little hip-hopper style strut and spin move while approaching.....I bet he could've gotten to the counter a decade ago, crawling on one knee. He pushed back his glam-rocker wavy hair and his eyes rummaged through the goodies on display. Finally focusing his eyes on something that looked like a munchy, he opened his mouth.

Hip Hopper (holding up a lollypop) - Yaaa Bugga! How much fuh dis man?

Attendant - Kya saab?

Hip Hopper - HOLY SHIT DAWG! How much....kitna..kitna paisa?

Attendant - Paanch Rupiya.

Hip Hopper - WOAAHH!! FIVE F***ING BUCKS???? Whatcha Gonna do with all that loot bozo??

Attendant - HAIN?????

Hip Hopper (waving a candy bar) - And how much fuh dis??

Attendant (making an effort to comprehend) - 3 Rupeej (sic).

Hip Hopper - JEEZUS!!! 3 bucks huh? Fine, I'll take it!!

He pays the justifiably confused chap and walks struts like a hip-hopper once again, this time towards a table, around which his chums are seated. With a disgruntled look and a disapproving nod of his head, and a sweep of his hair off his eyes, he opens his oral orifice once again this time just to say-

"Chya-aaila!! Yede logon ko English aataa-hich nahi hai!!!!!"


  1. hehehe...

    this happens with me evrytym in DU..

    i guess.. i shud write a post about sch stuff too..
    atleast ill get the masala to update my blog on a regular basis!

  2. Retards. LOL but the last line was a punch :P


  3. hehehhee.i looove this onnee....aarree me to bein in canada don't have an accentt... shameee on mee after hearin abt this dudee....should come there and get angrezi classes from this hip hopperr!!!
    But anyways good one!!!

  4. he he...these show-offs mann...and the last line...
    he he..

    and "I'm alone because my sis is on her phone all day"...

    why do all u brotherz think tat way..yesterday only my bro told me tat he'll break my phone away..cuz i didnt laugh on some PJ he cracked..since i was on call...!!

    well wateva..hez tat way..
    the post was gud...especially the last punch..:P

    keep posting..

  5. :D :D :D wow! looks like the place wd be over flowing with "samples"!!!!! :D LOLzzzz :)

    happens.. :) everytime! :D

  6. nice


  7. The punch line was almost a Rajinikanth :))

    btw Xaviers? **googles pickup lines** Excuse me, do you live around here often?

  8. Lol. What fun, i miss the campus like crazy. Go kiss all the trees in the woods Chrissy :D

    Btw....don't use the pick up lines you hear on the maal in college... u gotta impress them by letting them know that you, are a regular pass out at Sunlight !

  9. ;) you reminded me of a filmy guy in office.. He has weird looks and so called amriki accent.. (yeh I miss my campus days.... life was fun then... hey dont think am too old... Age for me is - Just another number!!!)


  10. hehehee..!! nice post...
    u noe its surprising to read that even xaviers crowd can be so stupid sumtimes..
    its jus dat the college is so over-hyped in every student's head dat v tend to overlook dis stuff..
    i think every college has its own set of cartoons n i guess u'v found 1 already...

  11. @creation - hehe..sure..go ahead..i too wanna know how "dillwaale" fake-oes are :P

  12. @comfortably numb - hey thnx dude :)

    oh yea the last line was killer..i dinno whether to laff or go whack the jackass :P

  13. @susan - oh yea..u shud come to xaviers...ull feel more american here than in the US :P

  14. @nikkita - arre ty ty;)

    oh btw..its not just me, but everyone thinks...rather KNOWS that she yaps away 25 hours a day on the fone...everybody but she thinks so:P

    yea serves u right..mebbe he should break ur fone:P

    lemme know when u post next:)

  15. @matangi - hehe..o yeah! lotsa samples and LABS all over the place :P

  16. @priya - thnx


    ;) :P

  17. @hakuna - LOL!! rajnikant?? but there werent any goggles or flying cigarettes or white sport shoes or sound effects :P

    hehe nice pick up line..So,who tried it on u? :P

  18. @weird - trees in the woods?? :P now thats one thing i havent quite figured out trees in the "woods" fountain in the foyer student in the classrooms:P

    what was that thing u said abt sunlight? :O

  19. @happyz - hehe..touche..touche :d

  20. @nim - SOOO damn true...but then i always knew what was sis was in xaviers for 3 years...and i got to hear atleast one crappy addition to her lingo everyday..and the tones..and things like "duh-uh"..."puhleez".."hey ya..cmon yaa..what men..come men"

    LOL..its soo damn irritating...

    i cartoon u say???trust surrounded with cartoons...all except our MBA students of course :P

  21. Whoa!
    dats a good one!
    reminded me of one such 'dawg' I know!
    Make him gonna read this one!

    (blog updated after ages!)

  22. *ROFL*
    w00w...seems like the "hip-hop" mania is really heating up huh?!?
    whoa!! I always find these guys(read pseudo-Indians) so irritating...

    but this was the limit!! too good..
    but of course..the last line was mind blasting...

    Had a good laugh!!

  23. it happens everyday.. good observation

  24. hahah!!.. come down to Kolkata some time dude... ud see.. wht fab lingo we have!!! [:D]...

    awesum post

  25. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
    the foirst part was funny enuf, but the ending was too cool!!!

  26. hahahhhhhahahaha
    u got all ur repression out
    i cud sense hw much u missed blogging
    good good post :)

  27. chya aila! .. .that was quite an anti-climax! great one bro!

  28. hehe, yes that the ironic fact, we look others not ourselves! loved it, last line put all the masala into this piece. Your sis is taking same the college ?

    and chaat? i had three types of today *winks* and now such bad throat,cant tell! tsk.

  29. I must admit, i so agree with da scenario.....
    Xaviers is da place for all the specimens...

    oh! and thanx for commenting on my blog....

  30. @Dark_Gal - hehe..hope he dies in shame :P

  31. @Shruti - yea..its damn irritating...and the worst thing is that they dont care that we hate it :P
    thanx dear :)

  32. @Alisha - in Kolkata too? bangla dudes? :P

  33. @Mihir - hehe. thanx man.
    trust me, the guy was funnier than both the parts :P

  34. @neha - hehe. thnx dear:)
    and yea...i terribly miss blogging :(

  35. @busy - woah gal..u really are busy :O

  36. @.a. - hehe. yep my sis is in my class :)

  37. @mysterywriter - u were at xaviers? :P
    chalo, someone knows abt it

  38. Oye! Wht kind of impression are you giving people of MY college :P

    Agreed it has the weirdest people around ie guy with 17 piercings on his face (have you seen him??) or the suddenly-I-want-to-go-bald girls... But aint it the best?

    I feel like hugging each pillar there...Which reminds me I'm coming there today.Yippppeeee...

  39. hehe really cool :)

  40. hmm.. written well.. but i didn't get why everybody over here is laughing..

    anyway.. keep up with the good work

  41. these people should be protected under the wildlife act... how boring our lives would be without people like him around :)

  42. Update!! This is the 15th time I am reading this post!!

  43. lolz attitude!!I like the last catch line.

  44. Another post that ends in Hindi. Another confused me situation. :X

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