Sunday, 6 January 2008

2 BEAT 11!!!

So 'TEAM INDIA' has lost the 2nd Test at Sydney. They're now lagging 0-2 in the 4-test match series. So now, they can either level the series - which is highly improbable, since the next match threaten to get finished off in just 3 or 4 days, its at PERTH, which is the fastest pitch on the planet. which means the Indians can beat the record for finishing both their batting innings in record time :p- or they can lose it(I can bet my bottom dollar on that). There's no chance of winning at Perth, but Team India can fancy their chances at Adelaide, where they won the last time in 2004.

India lost the 1st Test at Melbourne too. But there is a huge difference between the 2 losses. At Melbourne, India lost to 11 champions in baggy green caps. In Sydney though, they lost to just 2 men. The list that follows is the list of reasons why they lost:-

  • The selection process: Mind Blowing. Superb. Akash Chopra loses his place in the squad as a specialist opener just to make way for an attacking opener like Sehwag, who eventually doesn't play any game. Irfan Pathan doesn't play. Dravid is sent as opener and when he scores just 59 in 160 balls he's criticised - I personally think it takes a lot of effort and curbing of temptation to be able to last that long, for your team' sake. It doesn't get any crappier than this.





What?? Looking for more points? There aren't any.

The umpires did a GREATTTTTTTTTTT job. Mr Steve Bucknor and Mr.Benson. You ought to be declared "Knights" for your brave decisions. You both have great foresight. Or should I say, you both have a great gift of seeing what the human eye cannot! Wonder how you saw the nick that Dravid made to the keeper. Wonder how you saw Andrew Symonds in his crease when the Indians appealed for a stumping. How on earth did you see the gap between Symonds' bat and the ball when the Indians appealed for a 'Caught Behind'? And how nice of you Mr Benson, to be able to shed your ego and accept suggestions from Ponting to give Ganguly out. And what self-belief to refuse to consult the Third Umpire, just so that he isn't disturbed from his hard-earned slumber. How considerate!

Oh yeah, there is one more mistake the Indians committed. Actually it was committed by Harbhajan Singh. Dude, I really have no clue about what you said to Andrew Symonds. But if you really did call him a monkey, that was wrong on your part. You identified the wrong person.

There was not just 1, but 2 monkeys. One was at Square Leg and the other standing right behind the bowler's crease!!!


  1. Nice write up. although the match was a huge disappointment, still, more than umpires win, its Indian batsmen who lost the game

  2. Frankly speaking , ever since the World Cup I have becum completely disinterestd in the game.People said a lot abt India's mettle after they defeated Pak...but right down I knew that no matter how many tyms India beats this country nd that...Australia wud always be far better.The T20 was probably one of those rare goof ups by the Aussies...nd the way Indians were praisd that tym...It was as if they had won the actual WC.if at all theres any passion still left in me for the game..its primarily cuz of Ganguly.....I rather support Aus nw for the beauty they hav brought into the game.


  3. The match shows actaully what continuous winning to do to somebody's pysche! You become scared of losing and u make sure you win at any cost which is exactly what the Aussies did. I am thoroughly disgusted with Ricky ponting and Symmonds and recommend that they watch the Sharjah cup whre Sachin walked away when presented with a similar situation.
    Aussies are world champions in being 'BAD LOSERS'!!!!

  4. I really think that people need to learn. Learn as in evolve.
    And evolution means something that's totally different as of now.

    Pointing believes in winning at any cost. The 17th streak will ensure a record under his belt. Looking at the decisions, i bet there will be similar upsets in 3rd test match.

    Bucknor is the official umpire as of now.

    Lets see how it turns up to be.

    But look at the hind side, whats bad with it ?

    TEST matches seem to be interesting as never before.

    Thats the other side of the story !

  5. hmm.. nice1 :P coz i dunno anythng abt cricket..

  6. next match is not so far now

  7. haha nice..

    i know this is damn late for a comment....... but its good to see that the decisions in that match didnt fuck up the entire series for india


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