Monday, 31 December 2007


So its that time of the year when you bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new year. A time for another excuse to party and spend the night outdoors. Some might stay indoors, while some lucky naughty ones get to stay indoors, albeit OUTSIDE THEIR OWN HOMES. [:p]. Its that time of the year when all Astrologers and some new wannabe-astrologers play with words and pull out random prophecies from their list of cliched statements. The cunning ones make combinations of 2 or more previously used statements from archives to evade being found out. But they'd rather not waste their time on it. Don't they know that we fools are gonna read their columns anyway? Its that time of the year when not only family and friends, but even people who would otherwise not even wanna see each others' faces suddenly develop bonhomie and greet each other with a smile. Of course, the next day things go back to normal and the back stabbing resumes from where it left off 2 days prior.

Its also that time of the year when EVERYONE makes New Year's Resolutions. Some might not openly admit it, but the truth is that everyone has a plan for the coming year. I've racked my brains a lot, and have come up with my list of 10 Resolutions (okay okay, I did'nt really rack my brains a lot, many of 'em are carried forward from the previous year, but it does take some effort to remember things you made on 31st December the last year and forgot on 1st January :p). So here's my list:

  1. I resolve to get myself physically fit by losing a few tonnes in weight. Well, this is one Resolution that I've been bringing forward from the past 5 years, its only the figure of the magnitude of weight to lose that changes every year. And that figure has been showing an increasing trend. Its not a nice thing to know that "Meri PAUNCH bahut door tak hai".

  2. I resolve to either do everyhing possile to regain some of my lost hair, or to get rid of the scanty vegetation all together. I'm sick of the 'left side to right side' Rajat Sharma hairdo.

  3. I shall never openly admit that I'm a teetotaller or a non-smoker. I'm not happy with the titles of "Bournvita King" and "Horlicks Champion".

  4. I shall keep my Heart to myself. Wish I'd made this Resolution two years back.

  5. I shall stop reading Horoscopes. Bejan Daruwala, Marjorie Orr, Sunita Menon, etc etc, I boycott thee all. (Just gimme a break of a week okay..I'll be back. I know you peeps already know it).

  6. I shall avoid trying to mime Keralite and other South-Indian accents. Too much of trying has really made my L's thick and I've begun to unconsciously speak like a mallu. I am partly Mallu (1/3rd Mallu, keep guessing how come :d), but still, I used to enjoy it when people took wild guesses about my ethnicity and never got it right.

  7. I shall not give too much importance to people who don't deserve it. I shall stop assuming that relationships and friendships can last forever if you are loyal and committed.

  8. I shall learn to dance. Another brought-forward item. I suspect you'll be seeing this in my next year's Resolution List as well.

  9. I shall learn atleast one musical instrument for sure this year. I promise not to break the guitar in frustration if I don't get the B and F chords right. I really do want to graduate from playing Air-Guitars and Air-Drums. I've played Air-Bass Guitar as well, can you do that?

  10. I shall post on my blog more regularly. And I shall find more decent and respectable methods to garner comments on my blog posts, than posting on the "Leave a comment on the blog above" post in the Bloggers community on orkut.......hmm no...I strike out the last sentence. Typed it in a drunken state,I'm sorry. How can I even think that's possible? :p

So there you go. that was my list for 2008. Hope the coming year is better than the year passing by. WISHING YOU ALL A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

And hey, if you do comment here (plz do so..plz plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :p), let it be in the form of a few of your own resolutions.

See y'all NEXT YEAR.


  1. Ok wait b4 i go ranting abt my resn. I hav found out a way to garner comments rather than sticking to that orkut thread 24x7...just comment nicely(after reading the post properly nd not superficially)..nd u wil DEFINITELY get back a cmmnt.It always works .its all your karma.hehe....i go bloghopping nd cmmnt randomly ....or u cn select other bloggers frm ur frndz cmmnt pages nd cmmnt on theirs.Ok so my 6 resn are(not verryyy diff frm urs)

    I shall definitely learn how to drive a car ....I m 18 nw nd all my frnds knw driving.also my dad is buying a car nxt all the more reason.

    I shall try to learn the guitar.Start with the accoustic.A metalhead lyk me cannot live widout learning it. Also drums may b a possibility.I will also try to improve on my voice patterns(trying for a vocalist also)

    I will try to attend 95 p.c of the rock gigs in mumbai.

    I will try to study 25 pages per day instead of a regular 10 pages per day of any subject..(yeah im that dumb)

    I will treat beautiful girls as my sisters.hehe.

    I will blog like crazy next year.

    dint gt much tym to thnk....

  2. well it ll b surprising bt yeah i m nt makin ne resolutions...else i ll surely brk 'em up :P
    newaz Happy New Year 2 you...

  3. Well, posting regularly is one of the most common resolutions by a blogger. And look, while the world is partying their way to 2008, I'm surfing blogs parallely composing my forthcoming post.

    Nice writeup btw, keep up the good work!

  4. firstly, happy new year..

    hope u keep upto ur resolutions..
    nicely written.. keep blogging!

  5. Nice post.....Thast gud that u make resolutions..I do that too but can't able to implement into reality which is very bad things. ..I hope u r not as me n will apply all these resolutions......I hv one suggestion for ur blog..
    1) Change the font of the text...the current font is not luking gud on the
    2) If possible choose a font which is little smaller than current one..

    I hope u don't mind...i jst saying which i feels....neways keep blogging dude...
    N A very happy new yr to u.Hv Fun

  6. Hi CRD :) yes buddy i'm not really sleeping with internet now a days :) Last time i visitted your blog 10-15 days ago(perhaps) there was no new post... u r an irregular blogger, even more than me [so concentrate on resolution 10] :)... Reso 1 i'm also thinking about... to b honest i'm an irregular workouter .. lol.. 5 & 7 r very imp points u sud nvr 4get... hehe..


  7. gr8 work dude!

    i ll pray 4 u 2 get thru atleast sum of those resolves.

    but i can't post my resolutions coz i made up a resolution a few years ago not 2 make ny more new year resolutions and its the only one i have followed all my life :D

  8. aloha :)
    your 1,4 & 7 resolutions match with mine.. but.. i've decided not to follow no.4.. i advise u the same..

    waise i hv only 1 resolution.. to get thru my exam.. and do anything and everything to acheive tht!!!

    >>'meri paunch bahut duur tak hai'<< rofl..

  9. all the best for those 10 commandments !! yeah they seemed like it....but yeah were funny too... ANd new year resolutions again huh?? i never made any resolutions...but love reading others!!!

  10. nice resolutions, here goes mine though they will sound the same..
    1.loose some tonnes
    2.learn guitar
    3.try to write my own novel at least few short stories
    4.go to some diet..though this fall under 1.. a lot some bucks
    7.try to be a good son
    8.stop fighting with my mom and dadbsthipv

  11. A pleasant n happy read...pretty honest i mus say :)
    n yeah.... thought-provoking too! :P

    ummmm ... to make u feel better abt your big baggage of resolutions which , as u said, uv been carrying forward yr. after yr. :) lemme share a few of ma own.. so u knw sum1's as resolute as you :D

    flirt less-hog more-gulp frequently-jabber more-study lots-read lavishly-get bak to pencils n paints-workout/dance daily-musical instrument practice-use ma vocal chords to melody-put on blinkers n snore-dream a lot lot more :)......

  12. I gave up on making resolutions on new year... I figured if I was really resolved to do something, I'd do it any time of the year, and wouldn't wait till new year!

  13. that was a good one..
    most of syncs perfect with me..
    and the last one..i too want some methods rather "blogger" comm..
    but couldn't find one!!

  14. 1/3rd mallu ?!? how on earth ....?! anyways, belated new years to you and happy republic day !!

  15. and oh, i live in cuttack, orissa. beautiful, aint it? :D

  16. dude you already broke your resolution about not openly saying your a teetotaler or non smoker.

    congrats bournvita king

    btw, mine was to stop smoking completely (i used to take a couple of puffs from friends even though i'd stopped more than a year ago)

    i know its a month late

  17. nice post...
    its too late in the year, to talk abt my resolution, but i just thought i will is to move on

  18. no. 1 and no.8 for me
    meri pahunch bhi bohat door tak hai ;) heheheh
    and i also wanna dance...has been a wish..mite come true one day.

  19. hey thnx for adding me up in ur blog list...n i promise to visit ur blog frequently so tht u wont hav to post on orkut for comments.

    like the simplicity of ur is much like mine...

    comin gto ur post, i just wish u gud luck tht u wont hav to take same resolutions again next year :)

    n as far as ur love calculator is concerned...dont take me to be a gay...i know i m a little late but take it to b 1st april gift frm my side. :P

  20. Hmmmm the losing weight one definately applies to me too!! Also on the fact that i want to learn at least one music instrument!!

    Now lets see how that goes!!!

  21. abey start dancing after losing ur weight... lol.. and bournvita boy.. lol.. and what is a south indian accent?? am a south indian and dont have any such stereotyped accents.. they are passe..

  22. "it take some effort to remember things you made on 31st December the last year and forgot on 1st January"

    Our memory is short term, very very very short term indeed!
    losing hair? someone once said to me "accountants/auditors tu hutay hi gunjay hain" and i promto reached my comb and discovered falling strands and wished that i never want to be the first bald women. *sigh*

    1/3 ^.- ?
    out of your four grandparents (two maternal and two paternal) two belong to one state and the other two from the differnt state? (in case you still count two women as 1)! and both women are from the same state grrr?

    and hahaha is there any decent way to gather comments? belimme no :P

  23. I've no doubt you didn't keep any resolution. Right?

  24. Nice to read ur resolutions ... Wonder how many of these u kept up with ;) ??

    Mine, I'll post coming year end :D


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