Tuesday, 11 December 2007


So Nids aka SSNAB has done a 'noble' deed indeed by tagging me, and thus ensuring that I have something to add to my somewhat stagnant blog. I'll repay her 'Act of kindness' someday, hopefully. "High Hopes", I'm sure she's thinking. I think so too. :p

So here are 8 facts about me:-

  1. I have a very uncommon name for an Indian. The Catholic population might be substantial in India, but Christopher is not a name that's used very often. So, my name gets mis-pronounced a lot. And I guess the fact that a name is uncommon gives others the liberty to mis-pronounce it, or to intentionally pronounce it as they will. I've been given names like Krishnappa, Krrishh, Krishna, Mustafa, and the list goes on. Which is why I prefer people using my middle name, Roshan.My nickname is 'Crato'. How I earned it is a pretty long story. People took liberties to mispronounce my name, or use rhyming words to make it more memorizable. So Christopher was sometimes replaced with words like Grasshopper, Philosopher and the likes. One such term was a geographical term, "Stratosphere", so some friends called me Cratosphere, which later got cropped to Crato. And they stuck with it. And I love it today. Only close friends call me that.
  2. I'm a very lazy person. But once I start doing something, I would'nt stop till it's all done perfectly. For instance, I'd feel really lazy to clean up my closet. But if I start, I would'nt stop till everything is spotless clean. I'm perfection-obsessed in a way.
  3. I'm not someone who likes meeting new people. Meeting people on the net is a different thing, but I like to interact only with people who I feel have the potential to remain friends forever. In other words, I'd rather have friends for life than just Hi-Bye friends. Which is probably the reason why I have only a handful of trusted friends. When I decide to call someone my friend, I invest all my trust, all my caring, 100% in that relationship, and so if I don't get the same in return, I get upset. So, I don't like going through a long process of identifying a potential friend, getting to know him/her, sharing my life and my emotions, giving a part of myself, and bonding. That's why I hate attending parties and outings, unless I know each and everyone present.

  4. I love all kinds of music. ALL kinds. Except of course the genres which i don't consider music at all. I listen to Pop, Rock, Techno, Filmi, Ghazals, Metal,Grunge,etc etc. But i HATE Rap, Hiphop and Trance.

  5. I can't dance. Most non-dancers have 2 left feet. But I have 2 left feet and 7 right feet, so you can understand how imbalanced my 'Attempted dance steps' are.

  6. I am very emotional. I can get hurt at very small, and sometimes stupid things. And all my emotions are extreme.

  7. I rarely forget my friends' birthdays. And I always expect ALL my friends to wish me on mine. I actually make a note of who wished me and who didn't. And I never dispose off birthday gifts. Even if they get old, or break, or if they weren't usable from the very beginning, or they didn't fit me, whatever, I still keep them. And I keep them for life. I even keep the gift wrapping paper.

  8. I eat to live. And I live to eat as well. I'm a complete foodie. I only avoid foods that are unconventional (read weird). Otherwise I never make a fuss. Which is why, today I can match any WWE wrestler in the weight category.

So well, these are the 8 things about me. I hereby Tag all the people who read this post. IF U DO NOT ACCEPT THE TAG, YOU WILL HAVE BAD LUCK FOR 10 YEARS, 7 MONTHS and 238 DAYS. DO NOT IGNORE IT AND PASS IT OFF AS A JOKE :P. Adios


  1. Thnx fr taggin me yaar..
    i dnt forget ur badday.. m gud frnd naa??? :D
    nice tag... i thnk abse.. shud go on taggin u..

  2. ur post is really cool...
    ur template could be better..

  3. u jus need to make template better and u posts are really cool and quite good ~~!!!!

  4. ohh i can well undrstand hw u feel wen ppl mispronounce ur name...
    nice blog newaz!!

  5. datsa blog about bloggin! kewl!

  6. aah
    we have some things in common i see

  7. heyy!!thaNks so much for commenting on my blog!do keep coming in...

    hmm..pretty extensive description of u...and a very interesting read...i liked the way u write..
    keep posting!


  8. and yeH...quite a few things in common we seem to have....except that i LOVE trance...you've GOT to listen to the right kind of trance...aint that bad u know!

  9. Hello Chris.
    Firstly, thanks for dropping by my blog, leaving a comment AND of course, for adding me to your blog roll here. :)
    Nice place you've got out here.
    Now since, I got caught red-handed after reading the tag-post, here're the weird facts about me *grin*:
    1. I'm a half UP-ite and half-Gujarati. But we call ourselves Gujaratis only. As my father's family had moved to Ahmedabad while he was still an adolescent boy.
    2. My real name is ALWAYS spelt and pronounced incorrectly....rOOpali...bajaj/ bajapai/ vajapayee...sheryani/ sheryar/ sheryami... the list goes on *lol*
    3. I'm not very social when it comes to meeting new people/making new friends...but once I like someone, I go out of my way to stay in touch with them/ plan meet-ups/ call/mail/sms etc. Which is why people mostly think I am very social and a big extrovert. *grin*
    4. I'm a very fussy person when it comes to being organized, on my part..while doing something or even in life generally... but I'm not at all fussy about special days/ pastimes/ choise of music/movies/games etc. I'm quite flexible in everything, as long as I am staying systematic *lol*.
    5. I LOVE dancing, singing and music in any other form of listening to. Which is why I like clubbing/partying...this again gives an impression that I'm an extrovert, which is not true *lol*.
    6. I have an excellent memory when it comes to conversations/ facts. I remembers stuff people told me, some ten years ack, for instance. But I'm horrible at remembering dates, numbers and names *:-S*.
    7. I started working during 11th standard, part-time and then eventually at the various full-time jobs..and since, I always remained one of the est professionals/ fav most employee of the organizations etc. Due to this, everyone always thought I am highly ambitious and couldnt sit at home. But since our wedding, 2yrs back, I've been at home; to tend to the house, huby, starting family and such things...each and every single person who has known me, is amazed by this too. *grin*
    8. I love to write, to read, to sing, to dance, to act (theatre), to give 'reading performances etc...but none of these profiles is my dream-job.. My dream job is to be a cultural-events-coordinator, at some place like India Habitat Centre or other.

    Cheers...S m i l e

  10. Hay, could literally see myself from point 3 thru the last. Esp. the dislike towards stupid parties and being unable to dance!! Both of which are considered cool and wud probabaly brand u as an uncle or aunty if u have no interest in them :P !!! Cool to find someone who is so much like me and better has written that in a blog :) !! You will have me around.

  11. COOL Blog Dude..!
    Hw Abt Changin Ur Template..!
    Ny ways.. Nice Time Pass Dude Wid Cool Topics...! I lIked It..!

  12. Superstitious as I am, Im gonna do a tag (?) on this...must say, VERY well written [:)]

  13. hmm.. even i dont consider rap as music at all.. i think my name beats ur name in being played around.. til now, i dont think any of my teachers pronounced it correctly on the first day.. and even am obsessed with making my works perfect though i wil b lazy to start dat.. no am not a foodie..

    i dont regard myself as tagged.. though wil try somethin like this later..

  14. *jumps jumps*
    i got tagged.

    gosh, except for two points, they're all "about me" i need to know ur zodiac dob etc [:p]!

  15. Aha!! So I know 8 facts about Chrismeister. And Crato..I love that name..Now why dint I think of that??


    PS: I refuse to be tagged!!! :)

  16. @ssnab - hehe, yea u dont [:P]
    yea tag me, i dont get ideas nowadays :(

  17. @prajwal - ty sir. template changed sir!

  18. @sachi - hehe, u can? but ur name is simple na?

  19. @psycho - we do? and they are?

  20. @alisha - thanks a lot :).and hey, i still cant get maself to like trance :P

  21. @sakhi - wow. uve literally posted on my blog. thanx dear. and oh u seem to have disappeared. dont blog anymore?

  22. @sudha - hehe. hum dono same to same hain :P

  23. @shirls - ty. wheres yertag? [:P]

  24. @manorath - aing. either ur teachers are dyslexic or mebbe even i dunno how ur name ought to be pronounced :P mun-oh-ruth..right?

  25. @alaena - hehe capri here memsaab :)

  26. @nini - oh well u cant think of tht coz u dunno the story behind it. bahut lambi kahani hai :d


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