Wednesday, 27 April 2016


I Walk Out Into The Arena
With Everyone Looking At Me
I Don't Have That Spring In My Step
But I Have A Dream In My Heart
Glint In My Eyes
And A Will To Turn The Tide

None In The Crowd Thinks I Stand A Chance
My Friends Pray That I Live Through The Ordeal
The Others Laugh And Mock At Me For My Audacity
But I Have Nothing To Prove, Nothing To Lose,
Just A Will To Hang On, The Skills To Survive,
An Opportunity To Shock, And A Desire To Upset The Odds

But Boy, When I Get Going
And When I End Up Slaying The Giant
The Look I See On Everyone's Faces
Is Something To Relish
Victory Is So Much Sweeter When No One Gives You A Chance
There's Immense Pleasure In Doing Well What People Say You Can Not Do
There's Heavenly Bliss In Becoming The Hero That No One Saw Coming

Ain't So Bad Being The Underdog.

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