Sunday, 17 April 2016


Hey you, welcome to my blog
Don't steer clear of a dialogue 
Can you feel me?
Hey you, here to read my post 
Tell me what you liked the most 
Can you feel me?
Hey you, please tell me you loved the content
Please don't move out without a comment.

Hey you, I know you love to read
Please don't label this as greed
Please oblige me
Hey you, out there for some fun
Liked the humor? Liked the puns? 
Please oblige me
Hey you, don't you know what we bloggers detest?
I need to know whether you're impressed

Believe us it ain't easy
I spend hours to write
But you can't see
No matter how much I beg
No comments do I see
And yet my traffic looks great.

Hey you, I spend hours on my posts
But you just come and read and go 
Why ignore me?
Hey you, cheering for the womenfolk
And avoiding all the blokes 
Why ignore me?
Hey you, don't say there's no time to remark
Takes only a minute, please save this blog.

Epilogue - Please leave comments after reading, irrespective of whether you liked or didn't like a post. I don't bite (when I'm sane), Also, leaving a comment is absolutely safe, painless and only takes a minute (or two). Commenting is akin to having a conversation with the writer, and although I am pretty boring in real life, I'm a lot of fun in this avatar.

P.S. - In case you aren't a fan of Pink Floyd, or in case you simply didn't notice, this song is to be sung to the tune of the band's classic song 'Hey You'.

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  1. Now I'll have to go back and find the song, come back here and try singing with the same tune.
    Also I'm womenfolk but I swear there is no cheering I have come across.

    1. Hehe. I got my comment, and I'm grateful :D

      Pasted the youtube link to the song on the post. Hope you like it.

      About the cheering part, it was a taunt towards some male bloggers who only follow female bloggers, for whatever reason.

      Are you participating in the A to Z Challenge? Hopping onto your blog right away

    2. I sang the way it should be sung ��. I don't know how a to z thingy works. It's not rocket science but I suck at forced thought process.
      Also good going about the a to z challenge. Looking forward to your posts.
      I liked judas and G spot did give the shock value.

  2. *shoots the illuminated 'no comments' sign and escapes in the cover of the ensuing darkness*

    1. *opens a new browser page on his laptop, opens his blog page, and runs behind the shooter like crazy with the laptop in his hand*

  3. There u hit the nail! Just a minute to comment ! Ppl like the art but wud seldom appreciate or place their view. Maybe sometimes they wud love read others' thoughts but not share their thoughts with others !

    1. True that...although no one is obliged to appreciate work, it is frustrating when no one seems to notice when you put in so much time and effort into your work

  4. Haha that should be the song of most of us (no femalefolk thing) I somewhat sail in the same boat, number of comments do not match with the kind of traffic stats show!!! Good points your have covered :P

  5. We know.... Its lot of hardwork to write a blog.....lovely poem... Keep writing.... Comments r assured :)


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