Friday, 15 April 2016


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The first rays of the 'Sunday' sun crept in through the gap in the curtains and fell on Simone's face. She jumped out of bed without caring to completely peel off the blanket. She checked her smartphone, wondering why the alarm hadn't gone off at 8 am. It was already 8:30 am, which meant that as usual, it was now going to be tough for them to get ready and reach Church in time for the Sunday morning 9 am mass. Nevertheless, the zealous Catholic woman that she was, she decided that with a little effort and prodding, they could still make it.

She tugged and nudged at her husband, "Blaine, wake up! It's time to go to Church. Let's not get late like last time!"

Blaine stayed concealed under the blanket and barely managed to moan back, "Aww...lemme sleep."

"Sweetheart, wake up NOW!" The nudges now turned into heaves and minor punches.

"Hey....stop that!", his voice was now loud and clear, but he still remained blanket-bound.

"WAKE UP YOU LAZY PIG!", her relatively gentle requests suddenly made way for a more aggressive and genuine approach. She knew how much he disliked going to Church. "We all want to go to Church, don't be such a dick!"

"All want to go? Who all?"

"Me, your mom and your dad. It's three against one. Let's go!"

He pulled off the blanket and sat upright on the bed, revealing flaming red demonic eyes, flaring nostrils and slimy clenched teeth. The voices within him snapped back in unison, "IT'S FIVE AGAINST YOU THREE...MAJORITY WINS!"

Of course, he then lay himself down, pulled the blanket back over his body and they went back to enjoy their Sunday morning snooze.

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  1. Haha! Is this your story on weekends? :D

  2. Ha-ha..seems to be ur story :D go for evening mass dude !

  3. Haha I too thought that it must be your story 😝


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