Tuesday, 12 April 2016


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Woe Is You, 'Traitor'
Woe Is You, Indeed

You, Whose Name The World Has Cursed
For More Than Two Thousand Years
Your Fate Had Always Been Sealed By Scriptures

You, Who Had To Stick With The Plan
You, Who Chose To Bloody Your Hands
You, Whose Mission The World Doesn't Understand

You, Who Finally, Filled With Remorse
On Leaving The Saviour To Die On A Cross
Hung From A Tree, To Grieve The Insurmountable Loss

The World Remembers You For Your Betrayal With A Kiss
It Has Cursed You For Eternity For Your Treacherous Remiss 
It Has Damned And Condemned You To An Eternal Abyss

And Yet, Though They Say You Should've Never Been Born
T'was The Divine Plan I Think That Decided Your Fall
We Must Remember, We've All Sinned, We Can't Cast A Stone...

"Let him that is without sin cast the first stone" - The Bible, John 8:7

Judas Iscariot was one of Jesus' Twelve disciples, whose name has come to be used synonymously with betrayal and treason. The Bible says that he betrayed Jesus to the Jewish authorities for thirty silver coins, eventually leading to Jesus' crucifixion and death. However, he was overcome with remorse, threw away the silver, and hanged himself.

The scriptures say that Jesus' betrayal and death was all part of a divine plan to teach humanity the path of forgiveness and redemption. Jesus died on Good Friday, only to rise after three days on Easter Sunday. Yet, somehow, humanity has been unforgiving of Judas, so much so that the name is cursed and no one uses it any more.

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