Sunday, 24 June 2012


"You can't kill em anymore" they said. "Darn beasts die hard these days" they said.

Well, I was out to prove them all wrong.

I peeked into the room, hiding myself carefully behind the door frame. The lights were still on, exactly the way I'd left them an hour ago. The creatures had all crept out of hiding by now, feasting and mating like there was no tomorrow. I froze at the ghastly sight. I could've sworn there were at least a 100 of them, if not a thousand.

I pulled my head back behind the door frame. My pulse was racing like never before. I closed my bloodshot eyes, striving to collect my thoughts. I was only prepared for a dozen, a hundred was more than what I could handle. After a minute of self-prodding, I decided to go for only one. 

I tiptoed my way into the dimly-lit room, trying my best to keep my entry unknown. I had to choose my victim. I spotted a large one. I whispered a little prayer, picked up my canister and lunged towards the beast.

The invaders sensed my presence almost instantly. They all began scurrying towards their nest. My target was on his way too, but I wasn't going to let him go away that easily.

I aimed my canister at him and went straight for the face.

I expected him to turn turtle and choke to a painful death.

He did get startled by the sudden splash on his face. I'm dead sure the smell must've offended him. But he ran faster than lightning, back to the safety of his lair.

No kill for me today.

Nothing seems to work on darn cockroaches these days.

First post in 2012. Better late than never.