Sunday, 26 December 2010


Yet another Christmas has come and gone. Santa's doled out his gifts. I stopped asking him for gifts ever since I overgrew the biggest stocking available in the market. But since we humans like to receive, Santa's still in business.

Here's a list of things some of the rich and famous must've asked from Santa:-

Ashok Chavan - Nevermind my ministry. I want my flat back.

Tiger Woods - I want a trophy...and a new cellphone with QWERTY keypads.

Shane Warne - I need lotsa phone numbers. I don't work anymore..whadda you expect me to do all day for Christsakes?

Julian Assange - I want nothing. But I do know what YOU want. I'll keep your fans posted ;)

Veena Malik - I wanna go back to Pakistan

The Great Khali - Umphh gmmph jukssh ummph...

Begum Nawazish Ali - I wanna be a, a wait...gimme some time to think meri jaan!

Arnab Goswami - Forget what I want. Tonight INDIA wants an answer Mr.Santa. Where were you all these months??

China - We want Tibet, Arunachal, Taipei, Aksai Chin....

Freddy Mercury's ghost - I want to ride my bicycle...

Himesh Reshammiya - (angrily) Mujhe tere ghar mein roti chaahiye!!!

Akshay Kumar - Mujhe ek hit chahiye

Abhishek Bachchan - Hey, that ain't fair, I came first....D'oh

A Raja - I want...ahem...psst...I'll call you

Indian opposition parties - Humein bhi scam-scam khelna hai!!

Pranab Mukherjee - zzzzzz

Dr.Manmohan Singh - What do you want me to want Soniaji?

Rajnikant - Come here Santa...tell me what you want..

CRD - I want lotsa comments!!

Feel free to add a few more via your comments.

Compliments of the season!!

Cheers, CRD