Sunday, 15 November 2009


Namaskaram Readers. I'm back after a longggg exam-ridden hiatus. A little more about the exams maybe later. But I have to tell you, there's something that kept me going through those stressful study material-filled days, and page and printout infested nights...if you're on Facebook, you're most probably already hooked onto it. If you're not on Facebook, say hello to FarmVille.
Well, I'm not gonna spend too much time explaining the game to those who don't know what FarmVille is. Basically, it's a game in which you grow crops and trees, rear animals, etc. In the process, you get lotsa cash, get to decorate your farm, and get to expand your farm. You gain experience, and you reach various levels, which determines which crops you get to grow, and what you're allowed to buy.
I'm kinda addicted to the game now, and so are a few of my MBA classmates. I know I;m addicted. If you're not sure you're addicted, here's presenting a few pointers..

You're a Farmville Addict if...
  1. Your Finance professor is talking "Portfolio" and you're already thinking "43 Trees, 21 chicken, 7 goats...."
  2. Another professor talks 'expansion' and you're already dreaming of a bigger farm
  3. You look at everyone who's on Facebook as a potential "neighbour", and you don't mind inviting even people you don't like that much
  4. You've decided that you're going to adopt a child. And you've even decided the name - it's gonna be either "Pink Cow" or "Brown Cow"
  5. Your dream home looks like a brown cottage or a manor. If you're not aiming too high, it might look like a barn or even a chicken coop.
  6. Your resume reads like this - Name: CRD, XP: 31124, Level: 27, Achievements: Farm Size 22 x 22, 2 Grain Silos, 3 Tombstones, Tractor-Seeder-Harvester Trio, etc...
  7. Your idea of gifts to friends is an "animal topiary", or "hay bales"...
  8. You plan on gifting your sweetheart a naughty birthday gift...naw, not lingerie...a banana tree
  9. You have dreams of smoothly cruising on a wipe open road, with the wind blowing through your hair.........................on your pink tractor
  10. Your idea of getting back at people who've dissed you is deciding not to fertilize their farm